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Hi, I'm Trina. I'm glad you clicked your way here. Please stay awhile. If you look around, you will find photos of the build of our forever home, DIY projects, flea market finds, and home renovations. We built our forever home in the woods a few years ago, and spend our days making it both family friendly, and entertaining ready.

About Me

I was born & raised in north central Illinois A.K.A the Illinois Valley.

I love fancy coffee, cheap wine, and to do my nails. I spend some free time thinking up things for my handsome husband to build for me. I help with projects, but mostly only during nap time now that we've got a kiddo running around. My ideal Saturday would be spent at an estate sale or auction getting a carload of bargains.

About Him
Adam is my handsome husband. I say handsome husband because that's what older ladies say to me all the time. "He's sooo handsome!" And, I agree. He is handsome. My Aunt Norma also told me (more than once) he looks like a young Mitt Romney. So feel free to just call Adam "Mittens" instead.

Adam is a history buff. He loves to build me things like our beautiful DIY Farmhouse table or my walk-in closet shelving.  True Story: He once spent his Friday evening in the garage building me a  rustic barnwood coffee table because he wanted to escape the "hen talk" when my best girlfriends were visiting.

This guy loves his chicken wings, and when he isn't building me stuff, he's chopping firewood or watching a war documentary.

Our Story.
Adam also attended Eastern Illinois University. We met there. Ok...well, we met at a bar. The bar was next to campus though.

He took me on a date the next day. We went to El Rancherito. We fell in love over chips and salsa in Charleston, Illinois.

My birthday, May 2009 he asked me to be his wife on a hike at Starved Rock State Park. He somehow talked my mother, father & sister into secretly hauling those balloons up 30-something flights of stairs for me.
Starved Rock State Park, Lovers leap.
 I said yes and then called all my best friends and screamed...on a dinosaur phone.
My nails were on point.
We were married the following May in my hometown of Spring Valley, Illinois.

We had a super fabulous party. We danced the entire night.
Have you ever seen a Stumpfiddle before?
On Easter Monday 2012 we broke ground on our forever home in woods.
To see more of the home and our building journey visit our house tour page.

Our kid.

We have one son, and one furry baby, Scout. In an effort to keep this blog home and DIY related, we don't share too many photos of our son here.

You can read Scout's adoption story HERE

Why I blog.
  • I created this blog so that family could follow our home building progress. This our way of sharing our life.
  • I am a writer and a journalist at heart. However, you will not find AP Style on this blog. In fact, my grammar is terrible on LJBaH blog. It's written journal style.
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