Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vintage Ceiling Tile Look for Less in the Bar

You probably noticed the beautiful dark decorative ceiling when we talked about our vintage tavern lights.

Adam really wanted the bar to reflect a ~real bar~ and not a ~home bar~ so I did my best to help him with that vision. I wanted the entertaining space to be a little more sophisticated than the college bachelor pad theme I think that Adam would have done without me vetoing the Big Lebowski posters and such. So, I tried to incorporate both of our wants in this design. Still no Big Lebowski Poster though...

The ceiling I think reflects our style, and goes with the rest of our home. Our contractor brought my design idea to life with a faux beam separating the "entertaining space" and the family space. I didn't want a plain old ceiling over the bar.  We considered using old copper or tin ceiling tiles, but knew that could be pretty costly not to mention hard to find.  

We originally planned to attempt a wood planked ceiling. After discussing with our contractor and figuring material and labor costs, we decided to drywall a large portion of the basement ceiling, mostly in the family room, then go with a combination of decorative and plain ceiling tiles in the rest of the space. This was more efficient as far as cost of labor for install, soundproofing, quick, and less mess!

However, I had a hard time coming to terms with the ceiling tile compromise. I know, it sounds ridiculous.  I just don't love the sponge-y look of most of the ceiling tiles. We went with the least amount of sponge possible for the plain ceiling tiles, and dressed up the rest of the basement with the decorative ones. 

We selected these decorative ceiling tiles from Menards. They come in pre-finished colors, but we opted to purchase them in white and give them a custom DIY paint job.
Spray painting Genesis Ceiling Tiles
Adam laid them out on plastic in the driveway on a semi-warm winter day and spray painted away.We used Rust-oleum hammered spray paint in dark bronze.

We also sprayed the track the same color before it was installed. It took a few cans of spray paint to paint all 30-ish tiles, but in all it was a pretty cheap way to add a custom look to the ceiling.

We both think it really gives the space the vintage and rustic feel we had in mind.
What do you think? What are you ceiling tile feelings?

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