Friday, February 12, 2016


We have carpet! Finally! You'd think choosing carpet would be quick and simple. Pick your color, texture, order. Done.

I wanted grey and brown carpet to go with the slate look tile in the basement. But there are 1 million options for grey and brown carpet. I lugged home 6-8 sample boards filled with carpet squares. It took forever to commit over which 4x4 sample would look the best spread across my basement. 

Some were way too grey. Most were way too light. This would be a basement with a bar, and kids running around. It had to be able to both hide stains and look good. 

I finally narrowed it down to 2 options. I then basically decided which was the lucky winner by playing eeny meeny miny mo. We measured and ordered.  The carpet would butt up against the tile in the basement bar, and be in the hallway and guest suite.

We went with Weathered Wood by Shaw. After the baseboards were installed, the carpet layer came and finished the whole basement in a few days. He did a great job. It seamed up very nice.

I'm happy with the texture, and the level of softness-- but only about 50/50 with the color in the end.  Most of the time it looks great. But, if you catch it in the right light it can give off too much of a grey + brown tone, which can almost be a shade of purple! Not in all lights, just a certain time of day. Which is so weird to me! However, I think when we actually have furniture in the room and the right lighting, it will brighten it up and pull some of the lighter shades out. It will be less grey/brown/purple than what I'm seeing right now. It's just a sea of carpet!

The carpet being installed did help me to decide that while furniture shopping, we need to go for the light colored furniture not the brown I was originally leaning towards.  Shopping for a couch has all been a pain in the rear for us, I'm hoping the hunt for a comfy sectional does not follow the trend.

In all, we love having the basement carpeted and moved playtime with Ben down stairs immediately. There is so much more room to run..and since we have hardly anything else down there, less things for him to get into! We will be spending so much time in this space!

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