Monday, December 7, 2015

My Stylin' Iphone Case: JimmyCase Review

Taking a quick break from home design and decor talk to talk about phone decor. FUNCTIONAL phone decor! The folks at JimmyCASE sent me this sweet Iphone Wallet Case for me to try out. I chose the gold and marroon with wood backer. I think it has a retro flair.

The case popped on easily and was a snug fit. I can still push all my buttons easily and switch my sound on and off, which was a problem with the previous case I had. I'm not one to have a big bulky protective case..surprising since I do drop my phone on a regular basis in the parking lot, or on the tile floor. I know you're wondering if this snazzy case provides any protection at all. I think it does. My phone has taken a tumble a few times in the past week and *knocks on wood* we are still in good shape. JimmyCASE has a full frame protection with a silicone bumper.

And the cherry on top? Made in the USA. Which you and me both know is an important selling point.

JimmyCASE can hold up to 6 cards plus your cash. It's stylish and functional. I can stick my ID and debit card in the back pocket and go. This is a HUGE deal to a new mom. I am always carting around way too much stuff with me nowadays. It's nice to be able to have something with a dual purpose that is stylish too! With the JimmyCase I grab what I need, stick it in the diaper bag and go. Or, on a rare evening out without the kiddo I leave my giant purse at home and throw my JimmyCase in my clutch. This leaves more room for important things like lipstick.

Head to JimmyCase now and pick out your custom Iphone 6 plus wallet case!

I was provided a product to review. As always, all comments and opinions are my own.

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