Friday, October 16, 2015

Flea Market Flip: Sifter Screen Message Board

Remember this sweet 2 dollar find from the flea market earlier this week? Well, when I bought it I knew exactly where I would put it...

RIGHT HERE. In this weirdo shaped wall in my kitchen.

I had planned to put a plate wall here. But then I got lazy and could only find ugly grandma plates at the thrift store. Not even cute grandma plates.

One nail, and a few magnets...

And now I have a nifty bulletin board for the kitchen to post pictures and recipes.

Pretty snazzy for 2 bucks and a pack of magnets, don't ya think?

I love the old rustic patina and the detail of the label holder on the bottom. $2 bucks and 2 minutes. I love it. My kind of flea market flip!
I'm still not sure what this thing is, some sort of sifter screen.  If you know, please share!

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