Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Front Porch + Family Photos + Cutest.Turtle.Ever.

I figured I better get going on my Fall Front Porch post. In another month I'll be decorating for Christmas already! I can't believe it. This year has gone by faster than others. I swear. Plus, I don't want Brittaney to lose anymore sleep over not seeing my front porch--which she demanded on Instagram.

Well, and what good is a Fall front porch photoshoot without people (and dog). Here's our front porch in action:

Scout never really looks impressed in photos. Don't let him fool you, he likes being included.

I went for a quick and simple design this year. I don't have a ton of time, to mess with decor and hem and haw over I spend most of my free time chasing Ben around. He's crawling and boy can he move!
The rusty raised tub is from my parents garage. Thanks mom and dad! 
The chair was a $1 estate sale find. It's probably on it's last leg, but it was the best $1 ever spent. I truly love this chair and it's chippy goodness. 

I hung my thirfted tobacco basket on the door and stuck a wreath from Homegoods right inside.

I love the layered look.

We snapped a few fall family photos last weekend. We didn't have time to get with our photographer, but we really wanted to have a few photos taken at our home when the leaves turn. Luckily one of my very best friends visited and brought her camera along.

The Photo Crew...

GLAM PLAID SQUAD. Gets you maternity photo ready in a jiffy.

And is this not the CUTEST turtle you ever did see? Adam's favorite turtle when he was little was the blue one, Leonardo. So therefor, it is Ben's favorite turtle...until he can decide on his own that is.

He learned patty cake last week.

What was your favorite ninja turtle?
Did you take fall family photos? Professional or snapped a few at home?

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