Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basement Update: Alternative Ceiling

Way back in January and February--before Benjamin made his arrival, we were working as fast as we could to get the basement prepped for drywall and mudding. We're cash flowing this project--and knew when Benjamin arrived we'd have other things to spend money on. Diapers, medical bills...more diapers.

Well, lucky for the basement---and miserable for me--I was going on a week overdue. The mudding and sanding were all complete before Benjamin made his 5-day-late appearance. We picked out paint colors one afternoon and the painter came the next day. We decided it would be easier, and quicker to hire this out. Plus, I'd be no help being 41 weeks pregnant and all. I'll share colors another day.

The best part about this basement update is the ceiling. Oh the ceiling has been such a treat. We've been hemming and hawing over the ceiling since we started.

We don't want to spend big bucks. But we want the basement to be as non-basement-y feeling as possible.

Our approximate finished living space will be just over 1,200 square feet. We will have a large family room and entertaining space complete with a wet bar. The basement will have a large bedroom/office with an en suite bathroom.

Ceiling Options:
  • 100% Drywall Ceiling: This looks the nicest. Makes the basement feel less 'basement-y'. Unfortunately, it costs the most, and if we ever need to get to pipes or wires in the ceiling it would be a mess. Estimated Cost: $2,400
  • 100% Ceiling Tile: Most people use ceiling tiles in their basement. They are inexpensive and can be customized. They're simple to install even for a newbie DIYer. Of course, the style we liked the most, cost the most. This is how my life usually works. Estimated Cost: $4,400
  • 50/50: Half ceiling tile, half drywall.  This seemed to be the best choice for looks, and keeping access to pipes and wires, Estimated Cost: $4,000
I will admit, I watched a little too much Fixer Upper marathons on HGTV during maternity leave. I love that show and I super love Jo & Chip. Just like Jo, I now love shiplap too.   Well, a combination of spending too much time on Pinterest, watching HGTV....and also seeing my in-laws finish their basement ceiling while I was on maternity leave. I had an idea...

Shiplap ceiling.
A fresh shiplap ceiling.
We can't exactly secure the boards right up against the ceiling, because again...pipes and stuff. But we plan to a modified version of a shiplap ceiling. With a few beams of some sort supporting the wood. Barn wood, or maybe faux wood beams?

The plan is to stain the shiplap Jacobean by Minwax. Which is the stain throughout our woodwork a good chunk of the cabinets on the future wet bar.
The bedroom on the other hand needs to be a little more bright and airy. So I'm considering switching the Jacobean stain for white paint.

Similar to this room.
  • 2/3 Shiplap 1/3 drywall: We have a small portion over the family room already drywalled and painted. So doing a rough estimate based on what we paid for the drywall materials and labor plus estimate for the shiplap. Estimated cost: $1,600

We're getting help from our contractor on installation and setup. But we plan to do as much as we can ourselves, especially the prep work and staining and painting.  We can't wait to incorporate this look into our home.

Would you do an alternative ceiling option like shiplap in your home?
If you already have please share!

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