Friday, March 20, 2015

New Chairs: Adding Schoolhouse Flair in the Dining

Can I just say I am still jumping up and down over this find? Or should I say steal? This was such a good deal.

One of the many benefits of spending most of my day in the recliner nursing this hungry kid is having plenty of time to scroll through furniture for sale on the internet. Adam would say this isn't a positive, but a negative--as I've also been spending loads of time scrolling Pinterest. Which means more projects for him.

Back to the chairs for sale.
They were old. But not crappy old chairs. The good kind of old chairs. Old chairs saved from a school demolition. They were probably used in the library.

They'd need a little cleaning up and maybe refinished one day. They were sturdy, heavy, solid wood chairs.  They were cute.  There were 8 of them. They were cheap.  I'm talking less than 4 bucks a chair. Really. 

I wanted to replace the chairs we had at the dining room table for awhile now.  They were crappy craigslist chairs that never had a chance to be redone.  I just threw some slipcovers over them and called it good enough.

old slipcovered chairs
But the metal chairs I really wanted were a small fortune for 8 of them.  So I had to wait for the right deal to come along. My waiting paid off!

Have you gotten any good deals lately?


  1. they look great there! I bought similar craigslist chairs for my library, and I've been kicking myself ever since for not getting more of them so I could use them at a table!

  2. Thank you Gretchen, yes you should try them at your table!

  3. These look SO STINKING GOOD at your table! Super charming & don't even need to be refinished. Brett would back me up!


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