Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Say Goodbye to Ugly Outlets with COVERPLUG

Our kid is not even here yet and we are already considering childproofing.  We will probably also make you put on GermX before you hold our kid. Yes, we are those parents.

We had a great electrician who placed outlets everywhere we would need them....but those buggers will need to be covered up when the kiddo is big enough to stick toys and fingers in the sockets.  I don;t know about you, but those plastic-y things you can get are #1 ugly, and also a PITA to get out when you need to vacuum.

Do you have a little extra paint leftover from last time you painted your living room/bedroom/playroom? Well, pair that with the CoverPlug and you are golden.
  • Outlets Disappear! They are paint-able; the outlets blend right into your walls.
  • Completely covers a standard grounded double outlet.
  • Installs in seconds - No tools required. Seconds!
  • Provides a visual and physical barrier. Fits snug, removable by an adult.
  • Made in the USA! 

They are great even for those who don't have kids. They pop right on and off so they cover up the ugly outlets, and blend with the walls...but when you need to plug something in like your only takes a quick minute.

Adam and I both love this product, and we will be purchasing a few more for our home. We were able to test out a product that we wish we had 30 more of because it's awesome and so smart and so simple!

As usual, all reviews contain my own opinions on the products. I was provided with the product and compensated for my time to review this item. 


  1. Honestly, how do you suppose your kid is going to press cheese into your outlets if you cover them up?? Sheesh.


  2. we obviously are not going to be ~fun~ parents! ;)

  3. These are great! So smart to start childproofing now.

  4. Wow these are awesome! No kiddies in our house but even great for aesthetic reasons! :)

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