Friday, February 20, 2015

BabyN's Birth Announcements with {Minted}

So, I've had big plans for BabyN's newborn photo-shoot for months. We can't wait until he's finally here and we get photos of him all sleepy and snuggled up in baskets and buckets! We have a super talented photographer lined up--and I know her photos of him are going to be great. We want to make sure we share them with his birth announcements! So I popped over to Minted and looked at what they had to offer in their 2015 collection of birth announcements.

Minted has gorgeous designs on quality paper. I had fun just looking through them all and dreaming up what ours will look like when this kid decides to grace us with his presence--- and gets his first photo session!

Let's scroll through my favorites just for fun shall we!?

These gold foil ones were an immediate favorite!
Gold Foil Birth Announcement from Minted
One of the awesome things Minted offers is you can customize the colors on your prints, but also your edges. Scalloped, rounded, straight they have different paper options for customization too.
Meet Jacob Custom Edges Birth Announcement
This is such a cute design to list all the new baby's stats too! 
Infantgraphics Birth Announcement
This simple this one is a top pick. The shape is perfect...
Minted Birth Announcement
Options to customize the back too! You can write a sweet note, or baby stats!
Minted Birth Announcement

And OHMYGOSH look how sweet this one is with the scalloped edges. It's a little too girly for BabyN but it's still darling. 
Minted: Source
Minted will send out a free proof of your print/announcement too so that you can be sure to double triple check everything before they're printed. 
And if you want to see the quality of their work, they will send out a sample pack of birth announcement samples to you before you order. Just go here and enter your info. This will give you an idea of quality and sizes. Plus, it's always helpful to me to see them in person before I order. Especially something this important! 

I was compensated for my time for this post but as usual all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow...those announcements have come a long way, baby! Are you hanging in there still??


  2. I really like the baby stats one, Trina! I just hope that bb N doesn't dislike sleeping as much as that little guy :(

  3. He better be a good sleeper...his momma is!


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