Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy $4 Barnwood Entry Shelf

This was such a simple DIY--a tutorial is not needed. But I still really love it in our home and I want to share how simple and cheap it was!

We basically went outside to our scrap pile of barn wood, picked a board and took a piece of sandpaper to the rough spots then wiped it down. That was it.

Our wood from the summertime obviously!

We have really big plans for these beautiful beams for the basement...but...back to the shelf....

We then hopped in the jeep for our every Saturday morning trip to Menards---and spent about 4 dollars total on 2 brackets. We got them in the oil rubbed bronze color to match the hardware in the house.

I picked the height, just close enough to the entry mirror--Adam found the studs and placed the brackets.

Just have to double triple check that it's level before the board is secured...

It was perfect to decorate for Christmas with my little drawer of trees and snow.

I used to have my sewing machine table there. Way back in the Fall of 2013:

But although our entryway is pretty large it still felt a tad crowded when we were greeting friends at the door.
The shelf takes out the bulk but still let's me display a few items and put a vase of fresh flowers if I want! It's a perfect spot for a little flame-less candle and even a few framed photos leaning too.

We're pleased with the final look for now, but if I found skinny entry table I loved--it would easily go right under this shelf. The shelf would of course be removable with a little caulk and paint too.

Easy DIY Barnwood entry shelf
2 Brackets (1.97 each Menards)
Barn wood: free (from our stash)
Total spent: $4
Total time: 20 minutes (the hour we spent schlepping around Menards on a Saturday morning is not being counted)

Anyone else do any totally simple DIY's lately? Any DIY's with barn wood?


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