Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby N's Baby Showers

My kid is already spoiled and he's not even here yet...

We are lucky enough to have wonderful family on both sides, and both sides of our family wanted to put together showers to celebrate. So that means Baby N had TWO showers! Spoiled. Already.

Today I'm sharing photos from both beautiful showers!

November 15th Shower:
The first shower was held by Adam's sweet sisters and his mom for us in Adam's hometown-just right around the corner from our home.

The invites had a cute little boy baby carriage on it, so they had the cake made to match---and even found decorations with little boy baby carriages on it too!

My sister-in-law April made us a diaper cake. In that basket are the party favors: different shades of blue nail polish for the guests to take home. Fits my personality perfect, Adam will tell nails are always wet.

We played the "price is right" game with everything I will need as a new mom. Please note the booze. Ha!

Every place setting had little tissue paper blue baby booties filled with snacks.

They strung up cute little onesies at the buffet line. To eat we chose from a variety of homemade soups and sandwiches. Perfect--since it was a chilly cold November afternoon.

We got SO many nice gifts--it felt like the presents were never ending! Here I am apparently excited about the Twilight Turtle!

Adam showed up in the end to help with clean up and loading the gifts.

Thanks to these 3 lovely ladies for putting the shower together!
Adam's two sisters, and my Mother-In-Law threw us a great shower!
Me and the two Grandmas-to-be!

My Momma and me.

My Grandmother made the 3 hour trip down to be at our first shower. We were so happy she could make it.

All the aunties with me (minus Auntie Joy!) 

December 6th Shower:
My sister and mom, with the help of my Aunts threw us a shower in north-central Illinois near my hometown on December 6th. We had a brunch to celebrate baby boy N.

We had the shower at Chapel Hill golf course located in Princeton, Il. I have to show you a photo because the building is just beautiful.

We used a few old doors hinged together as a backdrop. I made the fabric banners (which will reappear in the nursery!) from scrap fabric and twine.

Close up of the ombre blue cake! Cake was made by Kelsey's Kakes, Peru Il.

My mom and sister painted mason jars blue and made the ombre puffs.

Each table setting had little delicious treats to tide the guests over before brunch began.
Credit for the SERIOUSLY CUTE baby themed mints goes to my Aunt Wendy.

My mom and sister made the tiny blue ornaments as party favors for the guests to bring home and put on their trees.

This was my rocking chair as a kid, and my baby blanket! My dad dug the chair out of the attic so we could use it at the shower. It's old, dusty, and worn out, but it was a nice sentimental decoration to have there.

Me and BabyN bump shot. I'm 29 weeks (in this photo, 31wks now!) and you finally get a bump shot on the internet.

Adam and I are so very thankful to everyone that helped plan, set-up, take-down, clean up, cook, bake, shop, wrap gifts, hammer nails, craft, or helped in any way to create these two fantastic showers for our baby boy. We're lucky to have every one of you. 
It was so nice to celebrate with our families and friends at two showers. We could not believe how generous everyone was with all of the gifts. We've had fun going through the goodies again and I can't wait to put the nursery together.

We will be sharing where we are with the nursery after the holidays---mostly because it's only 10% done right now! Next, we will be sharing our Christmas home tour!


  1. haha I know I have been really skimpy with sharing the bump photos! Thank you :)

  2. This is adorable! I love how you already say your kid is spoiled before they are even born because it's so true! My cousin's baby shower had more gifts than I'd ever seen in my life. And I love the classic navy and taupe ensemble you chose - elegant and timeless!


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