Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Outdoor Space: our covered back deck

As promised today we're sharing photos of our favorite outdoor space. Our deck. We spend time out here Spring-Fall. We sacrificed larger windows in the great room to have the back deck covered. Although sometimes we do wish we had a few of those huge windows, we also appreciate being able to sit out here during a rain, or when it's hot a sunny with the fan on to cool us.

We even pop out here during snow storms in the winter. It's especially beautiful when we turn on the flood lights.

Adam installed a TV on the wall so we can sit outside and watch HGTV the game.

We do use the TV all 3 seasons. It's not a special outdoor TV or anything, we just used an old one we've had for years. It does pretty okay so far in the outdoors. We purchased a TV cover on Amazon and just unplug and cover it when it's not in use. In the winter we do take it off the wall and store the tv in the basement.

The ceiling fan is a must for Illinois summers. However, we didn't really have much of a summer this year...I'm not mad, I'm not a fan of muggy weather.

The patio set is from Menards last year. The rug was purchased from RugsUSA during one of their 70% off sales. It adds a little more warmth to the space in the Fall.

Adam made this DIY simple outdoor table for under 60 bucks last year. It's really sturdy and it's nice to have for outdoor dinners, Cards Against Humanity when friends visit, or even if I'm blogging outside.

The chairs around the table are also from Menards.We snagged them for a great deal, 20 bucks a piece with a $10 mail-in-rebate for each chair, plus 11% rebate on top of it. Less than 10 dollars a chair in the end! And they stack nicely when we store them away in the winter.

Adam just has to have his Beale Street party sign up. I let him decorate a little sometimes.

We have a great view of the creek behind our house.

Another view of the sitting area and TV. Perfect spot to relax with an seasonal beer or for me---a bottle of orange cream soda...lately.

We stained the deck this summer (I say we, but Adam did 95% of the work.)  We love the color Thompson's Water Seal provided us. We used Thompson's Desert Brown. It really goes great with our home and style. And we know it will protect our deck from weather and use. Thanks again to HomeRight for providing us with the tools to get the job done quick too!

Who wants to come over and enjoy an orange cream soda with me on the back deck? 
It's rainy and chilly this week so bring an extra sweater!


  1. I want to tell your readers just how much I love this covered back deck. It's really fun to sit outside and hoot & holler during rainstorms!!!

  2. and play Cards Against Humanity, or Guess Which Sister?!

  3. Sooooo beautiful!!! I'm so envious of this space. We have yet to build the deck off our bedroom and add the patio off the kitchen. Maybe next year....or the next.... And Cards Against Humanity?? BAHAHAHA! Love that game. And let's just say that I once had too many big-azz beers on Beale Street.....


  4. There is always the year after that too!
    I've never been to Beale Street as it's a boys only trip every time...I prefer Nashville instead!

  5. I LOVE your covered deck. It looks so cozy. It's one of our few regrets in our house. Young Nate and Michelle LOVED the sun. Old Nate and Michelle do not.

  6. Love the covered deck! I seriously wish we had one!


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