Monday, October 13, 2014

A treat for our feet....and paws.

We purchased an area rug carpet remnant we plan to bind ourselves a few months back. It's snuggly and warm and it's the perfect size. But it didn't really have that much cushion. When we would get down on the floor to play with Scout, it was not as comfortable as we would have liked.

Then Rug Pads USA came to the rescue. They wondered if we'd like to try one of their pads, and we sure did. 

Because our area was so large (12x12) it arrived in two pieces. 

Adam hauled them in the house...perfect fit. The nice thing about Rug Pads USA is that even though they have about every size rug pad imaginable-- they give you the option of having the rug pad cut to custom size if you wish!

My husband always looks like a model when he vacuums. Or at least, he thinks so....

 Look at them legs...

There's plenty of reason to get a carpet pad. So that the rug doesn't slip around, to the protect the floors, and for comfort. +
We have a large area with heavy furniture anchoring it down, so we aren't really worried about the rug scooting around. Our biggest concern was comfort. Since we will probably be spending more time on the floor playing with the future Baby N, we decided we needed some cushion! We chose one of their memory foam rug pads.

We rolled them out, and Scout tested it first.

 Seems happy enough...

Then the tricky part, getting the rug back on and lined up nicely. This is probably a two person job. But I had two excuses not to help:
1. Preg ladies cannot lift heavy stuff. 2. I had to take photos for all of you.

Scout helped by standing on the carpet as we tried to re-align everything...he was a big help.

All three of us took our shoes off as soon as it was all set up and OOO-ed and AHHHH-ed. The floor was now super cushion-y and super dreamy feeling.

See for yourself up close. It was ultra plush and thick, but still kept it's shape when you walked on it. Since it was memory foam.

Scout approved of the upgrade.

 Scout laid right down on the carpet instead of his snuggly bed.
He was a little annoyed that I wouldn't let him go right to sleep with all my click click clicking on the camera and Adam still OOOO-ing and AHHHH-ing over the difference the cushion made on his toes.

 But he just looked so cute. So I kept snapping...

 And he rolled over to get more comfortable.

Then moved further away from me and gave me a dirty look...

Oops, sorry for all the Scout photos. I've turned into that creepy person that takes photos of her boyfriend dog sleeping....anyway....back to the rug pad.

If you in the market for a rug pad, go to Rug Pads USA first. You will not find better selection out there. They also stand behind their MADE IN THE USA (yay!) products with a 15-20 year warranty on all rug pads. Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING? I hate paying for shipping!
Pop over to their handy buying guide and see which rug pad works best for your needs.

Anyway, thank you Rug Pads USA for providing us with your memory foam rug pad. Our feet, and paws are much happier. We've even had a few compliments on the extra cushion from friends and family who have noticed the difference of the extra cushion already!


  1. How do you bind your own carpet??? Scout looks very happy. I'm sure he thinks you did a fine job. :) I seriously love that chair. Random much?


  2. ohh it's easy..well it looks easy. You just buy binding material and you can either hot glue or staple it to the carpet. youtube it! I haven't done it yet because i'm not scooting my pregnant butt around the floor for hours. maybe next year lol

  3. I was going to ask how you bind it. How interesting! I think I need to check this out. Where did you guys get the remnant?

  4. there are a few youtube videos but when we finally do it (next spring!) I will try to do a tutorial. We purchased our remnant at Menards for only 60 dollars....a heck of a lot cheaper than a 12x12 area rug! I think the binding stuff will cost us about $30 too so still 100's of dollars cheaper!


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