Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do you need the HomeRight StainStick with Gap Wheel when you stain and seal your deck?

Hi guys! Thanks for all your sweet words and messages last week when we made our big Life Changer announcement. We will be sharing more on our new addition very soon.

But first let's go back a few weeks when we showed you one of the larger summer projects we finally crossed off our list. We stained our back deck.

It was a ton of work but worth it! We will be posting a final reveal of the outdoor space very soon. I can't wait for you to see where we spend our summer evenings! But first I wanted to give our honest opinion of one of the products we used for this outdoor DIY.

Adam working the stain magic with the HomeRight Stainstick with Gap Wheel!
HomeRight provided us with a tool to try out when we stained our back deck. We were of course thankful for the tool and the opportunity to try it out, but it wasn't all cupcakes and sprinkles.

And now, what you've all been waiting for: The pros and cons of The StainSick with Gap Wheel from HomeRight! Do you need this tool to stain your deck?

Less mess
Gap wheel worked great in between boards
Completed project quickly
Smooth finish

Pad could have been a little longer
Can't control the squirt (hah)

Adam's way of solving the 'squirt' issue we had.

What would we do to make the StainStick with Gap Wheel Better?
I'd make the button you use to squirt the stain come with some kind of gauge or lever so you can choose how much stain comes out at once. I'd also make the stain spritz fan out more instead of in one straight line. This would make it easier to spread evenly. We ended up spraying one long line of stain with the stainstick, then going back over it with the pad.  I don't think that was the intended way to use it, but it solved our problem.

Would we use this product again when we have to stain the deck in (hopefully several) years?
Yes. Even though we had some issues, it was still a pretty smooth process once we got the hang of it. We were able to fill the gaps between the boards, and the surface of the deck mostly at the same time. We'd use it again, but hoping reviews like these help improve the product, or even come out with something better!

Would we try other HomeRight Products for other DIYs?
We would try out other products for sure. We are thinking of purchasing a paint sprayer from HomeRight. We can think of about 1,000 things we would use it on.  I see so many good things about them in blogland. Your reviews work people!

So in the end we are thankful we had the StainStick for this project. It definitely saved ourselves time and probably helped make the end result what it was. Thanks HomeRight for making a great product, even if it wasn't 100% perfect, we are sure it would have been a tougher job without it. To answer my question: Do you need this tool to stain your deck? Yep, I think it would be on the supply list next time we do a job like this!

We were provided with the supplies for this post. As usual, all statements in opinions in this post are mine. 

The final reveal of our outdoor space is coming very soon!

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  1. Great minds think alike! Love that we both did HomeRight reviews last week! If we had a deck I would totally try this out!


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