Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Announcement Outtakes and more info on Baby N

Thanks again for all of the messages, emails the last few weeks after we made our announcement. We are having so much fun planning for the baby! We've had a ton of questions too, so we figured we'd fill you in...
Scout patiently waiting while I took some test shots...
When we found out:
We found out the day before Father's day...and we told our immediate families on Independence Day weekend. We told the rest of our families and friends mid to end of August.

Scout was a good big brother and helped us tell our family and friends with a special scarf...
Ordered from this Etsy shop
However, he wasn't great posing for our photo shoot. He was not good at sitting still so we had to do what we could...

So we ended up with this as our favorite shot. Scout is basically saying "enough with this photo shoot already...." but we still liked it.

How have I been feeling?
This is the question everyone asks me: "How have you been feeling?" 
I've been feeling fine, really! Tired. So sleepy, and really super duper tired for awhile. For weeks I only wanted to nap after work. I was like a panda bear. The last month that has been slowly going away. I have energy after work again.

No cravings like pickles or dirt or anything goofy like that. However, there has been more than once where I've been grocery shopping and just happen to walk by the bakery and spy some delicious looking donuts...and buy them..when it was 6 o'clock at night. And then I eat one two in the car.

Adam has been great about bringing home a few treats here and there for me. Chocolate in the house is always a good thing.

Will we find out if we are having a boy or girl?
Yep, most definitely. We have to know. We will hopefully find out at our next appointment. Cross your fingers Baby N cooperates for us!

Will this become a 'mommy blog'?
God no. It will stay mostly home, DIY, a little family and lifestyle stuff just like now. We haven't even really decided how much we will share our kid on the internet.
Even though I'm a blogger---I'm not big on over-sharing and neither is Adam. So we are going to kind of wing it when it comes to personal stuff with our kids on the world wide web.

Heck, we will probably wing it a bunch when it comes to raising our kids in general...

What's next?
We have about 100 DIY projects on the 'to do list' (and a few already finished we will share soon!). Some of them will get done before the baby arrives, and some will not. 
Some of them are baby related, but most are not. I 'm looking forward to decorating the nursery!

Coming soon:
  • Outdoor Space reveal: back deck
  • Nursery Inspiration
  • Flea Market Finds
  • Gender reveal


  1. You are glowing! So happy for you guys :)

  2. So so happy for you guys! That is SO exciting!

  3. "Mommy blog? God, no." Bahahahaha! That second-to-last picture cracks me up...what a look on Adam's face! Super excited for you guys. :)



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