Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 dollar Flea Market Revamp: Lacy Animal

So last time I went to my most favorite flea market, the 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL I only purchased ONE thing.

ONE THING! I only spent 5 dollars. Unheard of in my book. But sometimes it's just really fun to look! Well, I spent my 5 bucks on this ugly thing.

It could be cuter. And it was about to get much cuter...

First, Adam helped me remove the shoddy and dirty cover. It was only held in with a few brad nails.

Then I went upstairs to see what kind of fabric I have been hoarding in my craft dresser.
I chose lace.

I covered the old fabric with the lace doubled over. I secured it with some hot glue and only burned my finger in one spot. Victory.

Adam helped me brad nail the new cover on. And then we decided it should go into the dining room. So there it went. (Pay no attention to the wall color, it is not REALLY this scary yellow color, I just hate my camera sometimes)

Done! Easy 5 dollar project!

They are surely not perfect, but it was an easy half hour project that only cost me a few bucks. And now I am in on the cool antler/animal head trend.
I'm thinking of adding a little gold leaf to the edges of the wood it's mounted on. Yes or no?

What do you think of my new antlers? 

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