Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy SUMMER! We are BACK!

Even though we've been doing summer-ish type stuff since May it's finally summer-summer-summer time with this Saturday being June 21st. We've been super busy doing mostly nothing at all...just taking a blog break. But we wanted to catch you up a little on our life before we get back into the DIY and home decor stuff that is on the way!

Summer starts with selfies with the dog on car rides!

And Snapchat selfies (everyone piled in the guest bedroom bed) when friends come to our house for a weekend of fun!
True beauts in the morning! Photo/Snapchat Credit to Hollie @ Fancykins 

 Partying with family especially my sissy...

 My grandma knows how to really get the party going!

Grillin' out....

Throwing a kegger for memorial day....

A quick girls trip to Nashville!

Dressing in that good old red white and blue...and matching your husband.

Don't think we would forget to get our house summer ready too!

Planting fake succulents in cute vintage pots, and tricking your friends into thinking you now have a green thumb...

Taking a photo of a real life plant so you can remember it before you kill it. (I try to keep them alive, I really do.)

Jumping up and down and taking 13 photos of the very red and plump strawberry you grew all by yourself. There is hope for plants in my future!

Watched my husband play "The Hero" in a murder mystery in the local community theatre!

 What would summer be without flea markets!!

 3rd Sunday Market. My favorite.

Our next big project this summer....
Staining the deck, more on that soon.

Tons of posts sitting in the draft just waiting for me to finish edits and will be posted next week. Everyone enjoy your first weekend of summer!

You can see more of what Adam, Scout & I have been up to this summer by following us on instagram!
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  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to see what projects you have in store!

  2. That's it! I'm stealing your star-spangled scarf next time I come over! Such a good summer so far, can't wait for MORE POSTS AND PROJECTS. Get on it, missy (and Adam).

  3. Yay for summer! It looks like you guys are definitely enjoying the warm weather so far! :)

  4. we are Kelly! Can't wait for the rest of it, it's going to be fun!

  5. Thanks Ashley, we have a bunch just sitting in drafts ready for PHOTOSSSSS!

  6. Yay! Welcome back! I, too, have been MIA, but its summa time and I likes the lazy. ;)

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