Friday, May 2, 2014

Plan for Plates

When your husband says to you every week:
  • "Start hanging stuff on the wall!" 
  • "What kind of junk are you bringing home now?"
  • "You are trying to make this house look like #&$*%@& Pottery Barn!"

It CAN get annoying. Especially when you are just trying to do what he asked demanded you in the first place. To start hanging stuff on the wall!

I think he's tired of staring at blank walls. But I'm kind of picky about putting holes in the walls at this house. He was too...but now he's over it!

Well I'm working on it. I finally made a decision about what I wanted to do with this odd shaped teeny portion of a wall that we just had to have to hold the second story up and all...

On the living room side of the weird wall I stuck a big old vase with sticks in it. Done. Love it.

But the kitchen side was a different story all together.
Does it have to be something kitchen-y?
What kind of decor can I put on this tiny little space that I won't hate?
Can I find something that I can DIY or makeover so it doesn't cost a fortune?

In comes plates....
They looked so cute at the thrift store. But what would I even do with them? Then I had a little pin-spiration!

These were each less than a buck each. I plan to do a little collector wall hanging! I want to incorporate these colors, but many more. I'm on the lookout for some with teal, green, red....maybe even some plum toned purple plates if I can track a few down.

My inspiration:
 Kelly @ View Along the Way
Love what Kelly did with her plate wall. I like the way it wraps around the side. Which is what I plan to do! I think Kelly shows us that you can make any design with the plates you want. Fit it to your own home. Love that.

I like this mix of old and new styles...
This collection wall from CasaSugar is interesting because the plates slightly overlap in some spots sort of like Kelly's. It's different and makes it more of one piece rather than several plates in a collection.

Do you have trouble committing & nailing things to the wall? 
Any tips for a non-picture hanger committer? Do you have any collections on your wall?

p.s. please go to the original source before you pin any of these and pin from there! Thanks!


  1. I just did a little collage on our wall with some family pictures, the letter of our last name and a sunburst mirror! I like to hang things but am having trouble finding the perfect picture for our great room! Boooo, it is making me crazy.
    LOVE the plates....and the price :-)

  2. I hate nailing things to the wall!!!! Which is why command picture hangers are my BFF's. Too bad they won't work for plates! Good luck!! :)

  3. I hear ya! I actually bought about 10 plates for our dining years ago! lol. I can't wait to see how yours turns out; maybe it will motivate me to hang mine!

  4. The only collection I have up so far is the collection of dead gnats that flew onto the ceiling before the Tuff-Hide dried. If we ever get our trim up, I'm sure I'll be paralyzed when it comes time to start hanging stuff. Because I just know how I am and I won't like things first time out. I think I'll tape shapes on the walls first to make sure I like the configurations.

    Too much for a Sunday morning?


    1. LOL Andi! I might try the tape paper on the wall and see if i like it trick...but I'm impatient sooo...we'll see.

  5. We have a plate wall that's all souvenir plates....I just picked up 4 more for it at a thrift store this weekend. Now I just need to order more plate hangers! So I say go for it :)

  6. LOVE plate walls! It's one of my favorite displays in our house.

    1. ohh I forgot you had one too! Off to give it another look!

  7. I'm so jealous. I really want a plate wall but have no room for one! It's fun watching your house come together! :)

  8. Nope, I have no problem whatsoever nailing things into my walls---a little tub of wall spackle is always close by. My tip would be to cut out the shapes in newspaper, hang them, rearrange them, get them right, then hammer in the nails or screws. P.S. Husbands + decor = frustration!


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