Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flea Market Flips, Steals & Deals: Tufted Pair

Since flea market season has started, and I try to hit a flea market or an estate sale each month, I'm going to share a few bargains and deals with you. Some of the items will be purchased and go right in the house as is....and some of them will be getting a makeover!

Like this sweet pair:

I snapped these two babies up at the Third Sunday Market flea market this past weekend in Bloomington-Normal, IL.

This flea market is by far, my very favorite flea market of all time. It's the best one. THE BEST ONE.
If you are within a few hours of Bloomington-Normal, and you like bargains, you need to go. If you need a shopping buddy, let me know. I'm always up for a flea market. Really.

Ok, so guess how much I paid for the pair? Go ahead, guess..............
If you guessed 12 dollars, then you are right. But you probably didn't guess that, let's be honest.

When I walked into the booth and saw these--the dealer told me $15 and my jaw dropped. $15 bucks for the set, not each! She obviously was not fooling around because then she told me I could have them for $12. So....out came my wallet.

They need work. The fabric has a small hole on the back. They are dirty. One of the feet is missing it's caster and the wood is cracked on the leg. I have no idea how to reupholster a chair, let alone a tufted chair. But for $12. How could I say no?

These chairs are going to get some sort of makeover, and they will find a new home in our master bedroom.

The bedroom is still in the works. We already ordered a new bedding set, and am on the hunt for two new nightstands to makeover. Don't forget my mission for the summer: Hang Stuff on Walls. See part 1; plan for a plate wall and the golden gallery wall; part 2 which also applies to the master bedroom.

So, since I'm not sure I could do the reupholster myself without having a DIY breakdown and crying about it, I have a call into a local upholstery to get a quote. I figure if I can get these chairs custom upholstered for less than it would cost to buy brand new I am winning!

P.S. The dresser we used to make a custom vintage bathroom vanity in our powder room came from the same flea market! 

Have you ever been to the 3rd Sunday Market?
Would you attempt to reupholster these chairs yourself?


  1. THAT is the steal of the year!! I would have done the same thing! I have no idea how to reupholster a tufted chair either, so I'm crossing my fingers that your quote is low!

  2. Those chairs! Amazing find. I might need to road trip someday. Seriously. We should do this.

    1. You would go crazy. Nate might even like it, my dad & Adam do...plenty of guy stuff!

  3. Love the chairs! I need to start staking out some flea markets!

  4. Have you lost your mind? You went to the Market without me?? You realize I'm like...right here, right? :P

    I've actually never been there, believe it or not. I think I'll drag Philly out there next time.

    Great finds!

  5. $12 for those?! You DID find a steal. I have a large collection of cheap chairs that were supposed to get makeovers and just never it's good that you found them and not me. My husband would probably move out. ;)

    1. Erin you have a chair collection too? So does my mother...she is a chair lady.

  6. What a steal! I can't wait to hear about the details of getting it upholstered. I'm curious to hear what that costs and what the process is like. Congrats on the pretty chairs!
    Kelly @ view along the way

    1. Thanks so much Kelly, I can't wait to hear back...I'm getting impatient!

  7. Never done a tufted chair, but my dad did a sofa and recliner, and I've done a wingback chair. Surprisingly easier than you'd think! By and large, after you remove the fabric from the chair, SAVE IT! You then use it as the pattern for the new pieces. Mark them all so you can reassemble later. Hit up your local upholster or fabric supplier to snag the things you can't get (buttons, trim, that strange upholstery stuffing that you can shape), and go to town. Then buy a good electric stapler and put the whole thing back together with the new fabric in the reverse of how you took it off. That sounds complex, but it really isn't!!

  8. Reena try this!


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