Friday, May 16, 2014

A Golden Gallery Wall

Last weekend I was on mission “Start Hanging Stuff on Walls”. I  rummaged through my stash of frames and mirrors in the basement. I remembered I had a few gold mirrors I was hoarding saving for just the perfect spot.

And I also had one very large red mirror that needed a new paint job stat. 
But guess what?
I forgot to take a photo of the big old red mirror before it got a beautiful makeover. I know, bad blogger.

I had 1 can of spray paint, a nice day, and a mission to complete. I taped my mirror up, gave it a few coats of gold spray paint.  I contemplated spraying all the mirrors into one gold color, instead of having a hodge-podge of real and fake gold mirrors. But, one group text to my home decor advisors (read: best friends) and the vote was hodge-podge of golds. So only one mirror got the golden spray treatment.

I let it dry for roughly one hour. Mostly because I was antsy. I decided it was too shiny. I added some rub & buff in antique gold to give the mirror some depth. It also brought out the details with just one quick rub.

My dear husband got out his drill and we just eyeballed where we wanted the mirrors. Up they went.

Nope, no silly cutting out shapes in newspaper. Although, we probably should have gone this route---since I know it’s tried and trusted in blogland. But, we were super tired from working on stuff all day. So up they went.
And we love them.

 Going up the steps..

I think I need another baby mirror above the mini one I already have...

Our monogram...

Remember my monogram story? Well, it got thrown in the mix too. I think  it adds a little different pizzazz to the space. I may try to add something else a little different on this gallery wall too!

From the top of the steps...

View from the loft.

I plan to add a few more to the mix when I spot some while out thrifting and at flea markets this summer. (Almost flea market season WOOHOO!!)
I prefer to find mirrors that are already gold or brass, but, I’m not against spraying them and giving them a makeover!

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? 
Would you add other items besides mirrors to the mix? Like what?


  1. So pretty! I'm still not over a good gallery wall. We have several in our house, and I'm kinda liking the idea of all mirrors. :)

  2. Ooo, I like how this turned out. The gold looks perfect with your wall color!

  3. gold plus can't go wrong! I've never done the cutting shapes out of newspaper thing, either. Irregularity adds to the charm, right? ;)

  4. This is gorgeous! The gold mirrors are perfect here, and they look awesome with the monogram!


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