Friday, May 30, 2014

A Dining Room Centerpiece...from a Barn?

My dining room table has a new center of attention....

It's a really an old chicken feeder. Doesn't really scream dining room table at first the looks of the next photo, right?

Well, I added a little greenery and a table runner..

I love how long this is. Since our dining room table it longer than most, most of the runners and centerpieces I find don't do the trick, but both of these worked perfect!

I added the same greenery to the top of my dumpster dive wine rack!

And plus a set of "twinkle lights" on a timer which I got on super duper clearance after Christmas...and voila!

It adds a nice twinkle light in the evening when we are relaxing!

I love it. It can easily be switched out to flame-less candles, or as a succulent planter! It would look cute in the early Spring with my golden buns! I even thought about it going on our fireplace mantle in the winter filled with evergreen snips or pinecones... 
I did some pin-searching and found there are a TON of other people doing the same thing with chicken feeders on pinterest

See more about our DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table and the DIY Farmhouse Bench and updates on the dining room here!
Centerpiece is a flea market find.
Greenery Garland is from Hobby Lobby
Teal Table Runner is from HomeGoods.
Check out the pottery barn look alike wine rack above the China cabinet that was found in the dumpster!

Do you have anything that originally in a barn in your house?
What else can I do with my new chicken feeder!?


  1. That's super cute! I can't say I have anything from a barn in our house, and I'm sure you could load that with all kinds of cute things for the different holidays (eggs, mini pumpkins, ornaments)...what fun!

    1. yes it will def change with the seasons! This is staying!

  2. This turned out so great and fits perfectly on the table!

  3. Great idea! I love how rustic it looks....perfect for that table :). I'm a big fan of that runner, too....where did you find it?

  4. Adorable! I love Kelly Ann's idea above for other things you could put in it! :)

  5. That's so cool! It looks great on your table!

  6. Love your chicken feeder...and that runner is perfect!


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  8. So creative. Instead of throwing that item, you used it as a decoration and its result great. I looking forward to your next incredible home building decorations.

  9. love your blog and this post! Been a follower and admirer for a while as I've just broken ground on my own forever home! Stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance to follow along!!

  10. thanks Katie! I will stop! Love other home building bloggers!!

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