Friday, April 4, 2014

Gulf Shores Adventures

A little over a week ago. Adam and I and 3 other couples headed down to Gulf Shores Alabama for a quick getaway.

We rented a beach house. On the beach of course.

We cooked out.

The men cookin'......

We walked on the beach, even on the day it was chilly (65 degrees, steaming HOT compared to Illinois!).

Played a little beach football and some serious games of sand volleyball!

We relaxed by the ocean.

Enjoyed several of these milkshakes---with booze in it.
Alabama Bushwhacker

Went out for a night on the town....err at the Marina club...

The lovely ladies before an evening at Tacky Jacks...

Went fishing....

and caught just a few...

Went out for oysters.

And shrimp and crab legs!

And giant drinks.

Swigged a couple afternoon drinks at a pink bar on the beach.

Complete with a pink viewfinder.

Had lots of laughs, along with a few hangovers and sunburns....

Then said goodbye to the ocean and the sand, packed the cars up and headed back to the cornfields of Illinois.
We loved Gulf Shores and we will be back!

Have you ever been on a road trip to the beach? 
Ever rented a beach house? 


  1. I've always wanted to venture to the gulf shores. It looks beautiful! Glad you all had a great time. It's so nice to escape this fabulous Midwest winter!

    1. It was my first time there, but it won't be my last! We will be back.

  2. Milkshake with booze? Yes please.

  3. We almost went to Gulf Shores one year and then we didn't. I don't remember why exactly. Probably a hurricane coming through or something. I still want to tho!! Looks like you had a great time. :)


    1. you should probably go. There was a big hurricane there a few years back, you can still see some of the damage, but it's still beautiful and so much fun!

  4. Oh my goodness! That sounds like a blast! I could really use a vacation right about now!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Glad you got to get away!!


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