Monday, April 14, 2014

Get those BUNS ready for Spring! Gold Leaf is the answer!

Are your buns ready for Spring? Mine are!  Nope, I'm not talking about extra work at the gym--because me workout? Ok, I do workout....sometimes...

I'm talking about these buns:

The little thrift store bunnies. They were each under a buck, and looked like they should be at grandma's house. I took them home for a Spring makeover.

(I already showed you the ducks when I gave them their quick makeover last week in my Spring Vignette post.)

Anyway, Let's start with bunny #1 (because I forgot to take a before photo of bunny #2, oops).

He's fine--- but kind of 1991 if you ask me. Time for this bunny to hop into 2014.

To start, I gave both bunnies a coat of white spray paint as a base.

Already better with the pure white. I even thought of leaving him this way. But, I had this jar of gold leaf that was just sitting there staring at me. It was saying "GOLD LEAF ALL THE THINGS!". Because everything should be gold leafed, obviously.

Time for these baby bunnies to get the golden touch!

You can get this gold leaf at Hobby Lobby for about 4 bucks, cheaper if you have a coupon.

Liquid gold leaf in antique gold, a paint brush, and 5 minutes later....

I thought I would like the bigger one better because he seemed to have prettier lines that would show through, but the gold leaf adhered to them each differently. I was surprised because they looked like they had similar lines before the gold leaf!

I still like the end result on each. Different but cute!

Now the fun part, finding new homes for them around the house.

Little bunny found a home next to the Easter nest my momma gave me...
Look close...Scout is in this photo...twice.

Do you decorate for Spring? 
Have you ever gold leafed something and it turned out way different then you imagined?

Pssssss! In case you missed it! Check out the rest of my Spring Decor in my Spring Vignette and Mantel post!


  1. I love the way these turned out. Great idea to spray paint them white first!

  2. I love all of these little bunnies! Makes me want to hit up the thrift store and grab some!

  3. no animal is safe from the midas touch! gold leaf all the things! ;) love!

  4. I love your hot, golden buns. :)
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  5. Gold buns are the best kind of buns out there! ;) Super cute!!

  6. I wish I had buns of gold... :)

  7. How cute are these! I want gold buns too ;)

  8. SO cute!! I want some thrift store bunnies!!!


  9. Adorable!! I love your little thrifty buns! See what I did there !

  10. those little gold bunnies are so sweet :)


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