Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter on the hill

We are celebrating Easter up north with my family this weekend. We're really looking forward to seeing the family and spending time on the hill. I get to go to a good friends baby shower Saturday morning and see my best friends from high school. Can't wait!

Easter is always a treat at my mom & dad's. We still get Easter Baskets filled with goodies. My mom always puts on a big "bunny hop" for us to get our Easter Baskets. Clues, goofy hats (aka Easter Bonnets) all usually included.... Yes, we are a little old to be getting Easter baskets...but I'm not complaining!
I have to say we have as much fun finding our Easter baskets now, as we did when we thought there really WAS a big bunny hiding our eggs and leaving treats behind.

Let's look back at Easter way back in the 90's at my house...

1. My parents had (still have) barn wood on the walls WAY before it was cool.
2. The Easter Bunny brought us this super amazing and beautiful ~~vintage~~ dollhouse for Easter that year. It had hardwood floors, floral wallpaper... I wish I still had this.
3. Those matching little mermaid shirts? The bunny brought those too. I know, you are jealous.

Fun, wasn't it?  Now, let's look back a little further. I think this was either 1990, or 1991.

Yep. That's me. Now this embarrassing photo of myself is on the internet. Great. Go me.


How do you celebrate Easter?
Do you still get a treat from the bunny?

To see my Easter and Spring decor in the house check out my Easter Vignette and Spring Fireplace and my Thrift Store Bunnies Turned Glam!


  1. Big doll houses were (and still are) so much fun!! I had one that wasn't nearly as legit but they are so charming! Hope you have a happy Easter girlfriend!

  2. Wow...Glasses Bigger Thank Your Head! :)

    Easter....we just all get together to EAT!

    Hoppy Easter!

  3. Hahaha..... So cute. Happy Easter to ya!


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