Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whatever Wednesday {{and giveaway reminder!}}

We had one nice day this past weekend. Scouty and I spent most of the morning Saturday playing outside.  Well, he got to play outside. I worked on something for the back patio. (Which I will be sharing so soon!)

But then puppy got a bath...because with Spring weather, comes mud.

And with Spring weather comes thunderstorms and mini tornadoes...

We just had to have a mini tornado when husband was away on Scout and I spent an evening in the basement....followed by a few hours without power....but at least there was Facetime!

And in case you were thinking Scouty looks too skinny lately (you were thinking that weren't you?) Don't you worry...

He got to finish a pork roast. Well actually, he buried most of it in the back yard. Saving it for later I guess?

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  1. I love jewelry! :) And Spring? Well, since we've pretty much had the worst winter EVER, I'd say what I love the most about Spring would just be its presence....


  2. I love not having to wear a coat, not having to start my car early, not having to freeze my toes and fingers off while scraping my car and not worrying about slipping on ice. I am so over winter!

  3. We had lovely weekend weather too! It was so nice, but also such a tease.

  4. That stinks that you had a mini-tornado when your husband was away! At least one day was nice! =)

  5. It's become a joke between Dallas and myself - it won't storm until he goes out of town. :/


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