Monday, February 17, 2014

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Today we continue the house tour! I am whipping these house tours out left and right, you just wait.

First, I want to share the before with you...The master bedroom still under construction:

On move in day, we were exhausted from hauling all of our crap to the new house. But actually, we were exhausted even before the move because we were both working full-time, traveling across the country for 2 different family events that we didn't want to miss--just weeks before the move.

Oh and not to mention working on the house in our "spare time" (aka every moment we weren't at work or sleeping). So imagine how excited we were after everything to spend the first night in our dreamy and relaxing new master bedroom.....

Welp, on move in day, it looked like this:
Yep, still under construction. Not exactly grand and dreamy and relaxing. No carpet, just a frame and a big mattress plopped on top.....

We had to wait for the tile guys to finish the master bathroom before we put the carpet we had to rough it, and sleep among the dust for over a week.
For a girl with serious allergies in the Fall....this was the cherry on top of sneeze attacks.
But it was worth it, to not pay rent on top of interest payment on the house for another month.

And present day bedroom...a little different...
We chose a tan berber carpet for the bedrooms. (all the bedrooms have the same carpet) We thought about doing hardwood, but we decided it was cozier to have carpet in the bedrooms.

The end table on this side was a thrift shop find, an old radio (that does not work) The table works for now, but I'm on the hunt this year for end tables with a little storage to makeover.

The curtains are Ikea's Vivian tied back with a gold ribbon.  I plan to buy some hooks to hold back the curtains, but for now this works.
This end table is actually part of a living room set from Target. It will also be replaced with something taller & with some storage.

The soft and velvety headboard is a DIY. We will be sharing more about that soon!

 Up close of the velvety-teal-gold nailhead trim-goodness of the headboard.

View from the door.
Here you can see our ceiling fan. I know most in blogland are not ceiling fan people. I realize it's not a gorgeous gorgeous chandy, but we sleep with the fan on in the summer, and sometimes use it for white noise while we snooze. And yes it is a short fan. Everyone always comments how tiny it is!
The "You're My Lobster" print  was purchased from Amanda's etsy shop.

View from the other side, the his and hers walk-in closets are on the right, while a linen closet is on the left. The master bathroom is straight ahead.
We absolutely LOVE having our tv on the wall. We don't really need dressers in the bedroom since our closets are so large. It's perfect height for watching our shows in bed.
Right now, we aren't sure what to do with the wall on the left. It's just a big blank wall...maybe stencil? Wallpaper to make a statement? Leave it alone?

Our master bedroom still has a long list of to do's...but we find it a lot dreamier than when we moved in! However, I'm not sure if Scout likes it...

Master Bedroom to do list:
Install curtain holdback hooks
Find new bedside tables
Gallery wall around TV
Build/DIY a longer bench for end of bed.
Paint vents same color as wall color SW Dormer Brown.

*See what you missed on the rest of our house tour!

What do you think of our master bedroom so far? 
What would you do with the long wall next to the bed? 


  1. Love it and the headboard is fabulous girl . Love the wall color and the house will be just gorgeous . I love that your taking us along in your journey.

  2. It looks awesome! The headboard is so regal!

  3. Poor Scout. I'm turning you in for dog abuse. It's looking great! And we put a ceiling fan in our bedroom too, for the same reason. Loving the headboard. :)


  4. Love the berber carpet. I'd love to have picked something like that but I think we'll probably change out our carpets once more before we get our long term carpet. As for that wall, hrm. Could you fit a really slim vanity? Or if you don't have the space, maybe some couple photos?

    1. I think a vanity might be too awkward, we like the open space! Hah, Photos are my next option i think!

  5. love the color on that headboard! and that it's velvet...velvet is the best :)

  6. Amazing how the transformation works in a real beauty! I adored the simplicity of bed and that lamp. I don’t really recognize what wall color is it yet, it’s obviously complementary through the furniture. Exquisite!

    Sebastian of
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  7. wow............ amazing bedroom and lovely furniture..... looking so nice.......

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  8. What? Plywood and exposed rafters aren't dreamy and relaxing? I've been wrong all my life? ;) Glad to see you're now able to make your room yours! :)

  9. I'm a rule breaker too! We have carpet and ceiling fans in the bedrooms, but it makes sleeping more comfortable and I like not having cold feet in the winter.

    1. I feel like we aren't ever going to be in BH&G with ceiling fans and carpet....but I'm pretty ok with it!

  10. Looks awesome! And of course one of my favorite parts is a dog in the bed ;)

    1. Thanks Julia, he's our favorite too...although sometimes he snores...

  11. So pretty! I LOVE the color of that headboard!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  12. I just adore your blog! There’s something magical about seeing something built from the ground up in snapshot frames. I’m just wondering if you’ll make home building a vocation and willing to create and sell homes. I’d love to see other projects from you in the future. The room looks great by the way.

    Scott @

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