Friday, February 14, 2014

Finally Friday: Happy V-Day!

It's finally Friday. It's Valentine's Day. If you are a Valentine's day Grinch you better click yourself out of this post... Adam and I exchanged Valentines last night since we will be busy tonight.

Instead of regular bouquet of flowers this year he got me tulips! I really love tulips, hopefully I can take care of them so they bloom.

He also bought me perfume. It's Jennifer Aniston's scent. I like her. He hoped I would like her scent too. He did good. It's a light and sweet floral. It's something I can wear every day. Bonus: It doesn't make me sneeze! (stupid allergies)

I gave Adam a bucket filled with his favorite snacks, and a six pack of a beer he likes. I think he liked it...
Heavenly treats for him.
And I just wanted to post this because it's OH SO AMAZING. Everyone should probably make it this weekend and eat it all. I happily gained 10 pounds eating it last weekend. My friend Tan made two batches, and we were not mad about it.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw all of these photos already. If you don't you need to follow me!

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Or are you a V-DAY Grinch?
Have you tried this amazing Lucky Charms Chex mix?


  1. Your hubby did good! Your tulips are lovely. They are one of my favorites too. Be sure to plant the bulbs in the ground once the blooms wither. Then you'll have a sweet reminder year after year!!

  2. Last year I got my hubby a five foot cutout wall decal of his race car. This year I was more practical. He is getting a card, bunch of candy, socks, shirt, and something I can't say. lol I have a feeling, based on the debit entry I saw in our account, that the floral shop will be making a delivery to our house this afternoon. LOVE Valentine's Day!

  3. Mmmm, Lucky Charms!

    I hosed myself on Valentine's day. Nate and I started dating around Valentine's day and I didn't know what to get him so I"m all like "let's not do gifts. that's lame." And he carried that over for the past 12 years. Weak, Michelle. Weak. ;)

  4. Love the bucket idea! Clever!

    I got tulips too! :)


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