Monday, January 13, 2014

Monogram Wall Art: My take on the 3D Wall Art Trend

I won this fantabulous wood monogram from a giveaway back before the crazy holiday season began. I could only find time to blog about holiday crafts and parties and d├ęcor when it came in. Sorry so late. But it still deserves blog time.

I entered the giveaway at Dixie Delights and was super giddy when I won. I was so excited that I placed my order the same day I received the email. Then, I started decorating in my head. (I’m not the only one to do this right?)  I planned to spray paint it gold and tie a ribbon on it and hang it in my entry way mirror. I love gold now. I think blogland has influenced me… But I lurrrrve gold right now. I need more golden-y goodness to accent my gold glam table.

bare wood monogram.
But then the box came. And my golden decorating vision was demolished. Apparently, I was so excited I didn’t read the measurements when I ordered. It was too large for the entry way mirror. In fact it was bigger than my entry mirror itself. My decorating daydreams were squashed. Squashed I say!

Okok, not really squashed I suppose, I'm being a tad dramatic. There are plenty of other places it could go.  Like 100 places actually since we have about 5 things total hanging on our walls.
(We paid a chunk of moolah to get these babies smooth, so it’s hard to put holes in the walls…3M strips are our friend, but we still get all sweaty and nervy when we hang stuff with them.)

So anyway, I started redecorating. Real life decorating this time. This time I just ran around the house with the monogram, holding it up and asking opinions of Adam, my visiting friends, the dog. I liked it everywhere, but just didn’t LOVE it anywhere.

Then I remembered how jealous I was that Ashley and Kelly both did this cool looking 3D wall art. It just seemed too modern for my decorating style to do the same. I could never have modern-y words or phrases looking all high tech and 3D and amazing on my walls like they did. But I had a rainy afternoon, and a big bucket of leftover SW Restrained Gold in the garage. I got to work.

All it took was a teeny craft paintbrush, & a small roller. 30 minutos later I had a beautiful painted monogram. It took 30 minutes because there were 1,028 nooks and crannies I had to fill. If I were using spray paint, or if I had a handy paint sprayer, it would have taken 30 seconds. (Hint hint, I want a paint sprayer) Either way, it will be easy to change the color if I need a change. Which I will someday. Obviously.

But for now I really love it. It's a little extra touch to the room, yet still sort of subtle. I think this is the start of a gallery wall on the staircase. Actually, I know it is. I finally have my ticket for the gallery wall train.

A better view of the entire entry.
(See more about those vintage ski poles and why they are there right here)

From the landing:

One more thing. I didn’t look up monogram etiquette to order it. I don’t really know whose name is supposed to be first. The husband? The wife? Not sure.

Either way, we really only have one choice in order of initials when it comes to monograms. I learned this when we were engaged and ordering all types of monogrammed stuff for showers and the wedding.

The only order we can go with is: ANT. If my name comes first then the monogram would be TNA. I’m sorry, but that is just inappropriate to be on a cookie at a bridal shower, or hanging in your living room. Dirty monograms!

Do you daydream decorate?
Do you have a potentially PG13/odd monogram?


  1. I love it. It looks so nice on the wall. Reading about how the monogram should read reminded me of your shower cookies. Love you two.

  2. very nice! looks great on the wall :)

  3. LOLOLOL TNA... love it! If this were ours I know Andy wouldn't have it any other way than that. Too funny...but seriously, I love the look it adds to the stairway.

    1. Haha well I did the ordering or I think Adam would have thought it was cheeky and funny to have in our living room!

  4. Looks like part of the wall! That's pretty awesome! And dude, go all in on the gallery wall. I feel like I have em all over my dang house.

    1. Thanks Elisa, I think I am hopping on that train too!

  5. I really love what you did with it! You have to do a gallery wall there now, because it would look so great!

  6. I can't wait to embark on this adventure! I'm so excited yet scared about everything going wrong! It normally does!! I love your house so much!
    Please look at my blog! xx

  7. WOW! very nice stairs. I seem your house is also lovely. I love such kind of house very much. Another thing , that- you can use our metals on your bathroom
    bath tubs

  8. Dirty monograms hahaha...too funny! And it looks great, your staircase is beautiful!

  9. I LOVE this idea. Love it.

    (TNA. lol)

  10. That looks fantastic! Let's see...ours would be either tDs or sDt. Beats the heck out of sTd. lol I think I'll try your monogram project. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for the idea T! :-)

  11. I had to look up TNA. And then look it up some more. I think I finally figured it out, but you could have totally put that on your monogram and I never would have gotten the reference. HA!



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