Monday, January 20, 2014

House Tour: Master Bath

Did you think I forgot about the house tour? I mean, we’ve only lived here a year and I have only shown you half the house! I don’t really have an excuse, I just felt like posting other stuff. So let me stop rambling and show you the goods.

Usually when I walk into the master bath this is what I find.

This is his lookout spot.

See that dark cave-like room back there? It's our shower. Let’s all just pretend we aren’t missing the shower door. Since it is pretty deep and water doesn't get out when the shower is on...we aren’t in a hurry to drop a pretty penny on some glass door that we will have to clean anyway. Custom glass shower doors are not cheap. It’s on the list.
And yes it does feel like you are showering in a cave!

Step inside the cave...
Body jets. We have 4 of them. The nozzles twist and there are different pressure options too.This is one way to up your shower experience. They are pretty darn nice.
The floor looks like it's a different color, but it's just the lighting, it's the same as the rest of the tile, just smaller.

We do have a small corner bench.

That my friends, concludes our cave tour!

And there he goes again...back on the clock as security guard. Always on the lookout.

On the windows we have faux wood blinds from custom cut by Menards in the store.  The curtains were also picked up from Menards. They are white tie-up curtains.
In the corner, I added some candles. Obviously essential for a serious spa-like relaxing bath.

Vanity space:
Pretend you don't see the smudged on the mirrors...
Our vanity is actually two 48 inch vanities side by side and secured. We added a custom marble countertop so we would each have our own space and sink. We share the hanging cabinet for other bathroom essentials.

This is my corner:
I keep my makeup brushes in a few of my milk glass pieces. I think the milk glass goes nicely in the room and plus it makes me happy.

And the throne has it's own little closet for extra privacy.

The tile is a stone tile.  It has a natural look and feel to it. Completely our style. We love the look and the feel of it... however, we do wish would we would have done heated floors in here, because it is COLD in the winter.  Darn it.

We had someone else do the tile work as we were newbies and needed the bathroom to be done ASAP so we could move in. I do not recommend our tile guy to anyone. I won’t give his name. I will just say during our last phone conversation the man screamed at me, then hung up on me. As Stephanie Tanner would say. How rude. 

Oh did I forget to mention the TV? Yep, husband installed a TV for me. It's on a tilting mount so it can be turned to watch from the vanity as well. But it's mostly used while relaxing in the tub. I can watch HGTV while soaking. And I do.

My chill out routine:
  1. Light candles. 
  2. Dump in 3 capfuls of bubble bath.
  3. Turn on HGTV or Will & Grace reruns.
  4. Pour a big glass of wine.
  5. R-E-L-A-X.

So there is your master bath tour. I love the color scheme of the room. Neutral, relaxing. Spa-like. Everything I wanted in a master bath. It's not completely finished yet. Obviously a shower door is on the list. But we also have nothing on the walls except the towel bars!

Wall color: Sherwin Williams-Bittersweet Stem 7536
Light fixtures: Menards. They match the light fixtures in our upstairs guest bathroom and the powder room.
Faucets: Delta Faucet: Venetian Bronze ordered from our super awesome plumber. 
(If you are local to Effingham, IL area Tebbe Plumbing is the best plumber, hands down!)
Cabinets: Masterbrand Cabinets purchased for a deal at Cabinet Factory outlet, Arthur IL. We bloggers about our experience at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Arthur here.
Countertops: Marble in "bone" Classic Marble of Arthur, IL.

See the rest of the House Tour!

Does your pet have a goofy "spot" in your house?
Do you have a favorite place in your house you go to relax?


  1. Love that tile... I've been talking to Andy about installing a TV in our bathroom too. Something we should have done before we finished building but you live and learn. My tub is my favorite spot in the house, especailly now when things are uncomfortable at times.

    1. thank you! Yes, I think you should do it! We use it a lot...I'm not the only one in the house who likes to take baths ;)

  2. Looks gorgeous daahhling. As for Eddie hanging out? That dog disappears and you can't find him because he's always hiding under a pillow or a blanket. He loves to be invisible (and warm). I have a big oval tub and I find it's not as comfy as I'd hoped. :/ I think I need one of those neck things.

    And a TV.

    And wine.


    1. Scout is a blanket hog too. He always burrows under them.

      I do have a neck thing (dollar spot at's a rubber ducky! HAH!)

  3. BEEEEEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous and relaxing space!

  4. I am in l.o.v.e with your soaking tub. And the fact that you can watch tv? How perfect.

  5. Love this! It's like a spa!!! It looks gorgeous!

  6. Your bathroom is amazing! I can't believe how huge it is!

    1. Yes, it's pretty large..."so much space for activities"....

  7. Gorgeous! I love your tub! I want a tv to watch while soaking in the tub, jealous!

  8. So nice! You're making me want a TV in our bathroom now too! If I were you I would never get a door for your shower... I think it's so cool the way it is and like you said, less cleaning!

    1. Haha thank you Colette, we aren't moving too fast on it that's for sure. We thought about leaving it as is since water doesn't seep out, we will see.

  9. Oh that sounds perfect!!! Beautiful bathroom, and I love the milk glass. So cute!

  10. That sounds wonderful! I'd enjoy that too! Bath, wine and TV! Love it and I adore your shower and most of all your cute bathroom security guard.

  11. Wow, it so beautiful! I might come take all my showers in your bathroom now. I hope that's okay.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  12. I love your bathroom! It reminds me of a luxury spa. Your hubby was so sweet to add the TV for you. I bet it's really nice to relax in your tub with a glass of wine!

  13. We had someone tile our floor (after my dad ran out of vacation days working on the shower) because we also felt the same way. No amount of research can prepare someone for a tiler … I think it must just be the industry!

  14. I love the size of your bathroom! Its huge, love that you can do a cartwheel in there! For real though I like how relaxing it feels and thumbs up for the TV :)

  15. You have a lovely bathroom! I must say that it was really made for your own comfort! Too bad, you had a hard encounter with the tile guy. Anyhow, at least you’re gonna spend more time pampering yourself on your new bathroom. :)

    Lynne Hollaran


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