Monday, January 6, 2014

A Ski Lodge Party

This New Year's Eve we participated in a progressive dinner party.  What is a progressive dinner party you ask? It's a house hop. Everyone starts at one home, and hop to different homes throughout the evening. Each host serves a signature drink, and appetizer to the house hoppers.

It's best to do it with your neighbors or friends that live close. Cuts down on drive time, and if you can walk to each others don't have to worry about choosing a DD! But if you will be driving from house to house, don't forget to decide on a DD before the night begins!

This year we decided each house could do their own theme of their own choice.

We chose Ski Lodge. We figured our house already has the lodge feel, so we already had the setting. Since we would only be hosts for a short time in the evening (about an hour), we didn't want to go nuts with party planning. But still wanted to do a few fun things..

One Saturday afternoon we pulled out the barn wood. Adam hammered some nails into it for about 10 minutes in the garage and came up with this:
Yep, that will work.
 We busted out some stencils, and printed some "mountain animals" from the internets to trace.

 This was Adam's first time stenciling. He said it was boring...

 And here she is. Ready for the front yard.

Welcome to the ski lodge!

Adam strung up some lights last minute to give it a little more pizzaz.

I added some new year's art to the chalkboard easel to greet guests in our entry way.

Vintage ski poles courtesy of my dad for some added lodge decor.

 My dad also gave us some of his old cross country skis. Adam tied them up on the catwalk.

 For the table I spray painted some pinecones with gold spray paint. And used some fabric as a table runner.

I served my favorite hot warm dip. Bagna Cauda. It's italian. And it clogs your arteries. And it's soso good.

 We had a bar set up with hot cocoa, wine, and scotch.

Your Ski Lodge hosts thank you for coming!

Other stops on the evening's progressive dinner included:
Hawaii (if you didn't notice by Adam's lei)
Mardi Gras!
German Christmas Market
A Wild West Saloon
and ended the night in New York Times Square!

I wish I would've taken photos at each hop, but the night happened so fast!
Here are a few more:

Adam's Aunt Katie painted this backdrop in one afternoon!

Beautiful German Christmas Market Setup.

Ladies in New York for the ball drop.
I am Tyra Smizing here..
At Mardi Gras...notice the cowboy in the background...

Have you ever been to/hosted a progressive dinner party?
What theme would you choose?


  1. Haven't done it, but it looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    All of our neighbors basically have kids our age, so we probably won't be partying with them any time soon - but this is a great idea! :D
    I like your touches of ski lodge, too

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  4. That is so awesome! Love the ski lodge sign!

  5. OMG. Can I move in next door? This looks like SO much fun!!! I love your Ski Lodge; SO cute!!

  6. Hi Trina! I just came across your blog and I'm in love, so cute!!! Stop by mine sometime and say hello!

    Style Domesticity

    1. Thanks Kelli for popping over! I will check out yours right now!

  7. I have never been to a progressive party but it sounds like so much fun!! I especially love the sign you guys have in your front yard :-)


  8. SO FUN!!! Love your theme - looks so cozy!

  9. so much fun!!! I wish we had friends so we could do this too... :/


    1. Andi you are friendless? I do not believe that for 1 second!

  10. This is so neat!! I've never heard of a progressive party, but yours looks like it was a blast!!!

  11. Love progressive parties! I just wish our friends lived closer so we could actually have one!


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