Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY Glitzy Toasting flutes

Ready for a new year? I'm sad to see 2013 go, but excited for what 2014 has in store for us.
To end the year right...we have to toast to all the memories, and to the future. Pretty sure the best way to toast on New Year's Eve is with glitz. Am I right?

This was an easy, yet messy project. is glitter..

Glam those glasses:

Tape it off
Brush on modge podge (I used gloss)
Glitter it up
Let it dry
Brush on another coat of modge podge to seal it.
Pop those bottles!

My supplies:

Taped and and ready for the glam. 


Make sure you add a top coat of modge podge so you don't lose all your glitz!

Don't worry. It will dry clear! 
Top coat.
See! Perfecto.

Edit: Reader Hollie asked how these hold up when after use and cleaning... I rinsed them a few times in sudsy warm water and they are still fine, with minimal glitter loss. However, I would NOT let them soak too long in hot water, or ever stick them in my dishwasher.

Ready for the bubbles...

Cheers to a great 2013...and to an even better 2014!

What are you doing for NYE this year? We are participating in a progressive dinner!
What are you most looking forward to in 2014?


  1. I heart glitter. And these glasses...great job! :)

  2. These are super fun! Too bad I won't make it to midnight today. ;)

  3. You're so fun! But hey...we were asleep by 10:00. Well, there's always next year, right? Happy New Year, my friend!!


  4. Super cute! Makes me want to do New Years all over ;)
    Happy New Years to you!

  5. Sooooo cute I am so making them even if NYE was 2 days ago ;)

  6. hey, the best way to do EVERYTHING is with glitz, I always say ;). very nice!


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