Monday, December 16, 2013

Decking the Halls! (for 4 bucks) Yep.

Have you had enough Holiday home tours yet in blogger-land? I hope not. Don’t worry mine is short and sweet. With a treat at the end.
I was in bed sick alllll weekend long so I didn't get to finish taking all of my photos. 
So this will be more like the nickel tour today!

Hurry's snowing!

Here is a better shot of our front door wreath. I rescued it from an estate sale in a big box of wreaths and garland for 50 cents. Watch and see how far this box of greenery takes us this Christmas..
I took off all the ugly bows and ribbons, spritzed the wreath with some gold spray paint for some pizzaz. Then I hot glued some ornaments from the dollar store, and smack a big sparkly gold "N" on it to finish it off. I love it.

When you come in the front door you will immediately see another rescued wreath from the same estate sale box-o-greenery.
 This one got spritzed of white spray paint and real pinecones hot glued on there. I needed a little something else, so I made some rosettes out of scraps of lace. I like this one so much I think I will use it for my front door wreath after Christmas.
DIY wreath.
After you walk in the entry you see our beautiful tree. She is new this year. Last year we had a real tree. Which we LOVED. We would have gotten another real tree this year....

But this one came unexpected to us in July. My Aunt and my parents got it for me at a moving sale, get this...for: $3.
That is not a typo. $3, 10-foot tree. Pre-lit. With the stand and everything. We are lucky ducks. It fits the spot next to our fireplace perfect.

And next, our mantel.
I used garland from the same estate sale box as the wreaths. Luckily this was still in the original packaging.  I didn't need to rip anything off.
I took it outside and gave this a spritz of white to match the snowy look on our tree. It took about 5 minutes of random spritzing.
The white doesn't show up in the photos as much as in person...

The Noel sign was a craft night project. I just cut the boxes and stenciled right onto the burlap. The hard part was stringing the twine through the burlap. The trick was tweezers!
you don't see our dirty fireplace doors...amiright?
Our dining room is festive too.

On top of my china cabinet sits my lantern collection. They are now surrounded by few mini trees. Also from…you guessed it, the box of estate sale greenery. They too got some white spray paint spritzes to freshen them up and match the other greenery in the house.

The believe banner was made at craft night too. So easy!

These trees will hold our holiday cards as we get them through the next few weeks. It's an easy way to display them. I didn't even put hooks in them, just perched them in the tree branches.

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. It all looks great! Totally jealous of your tree/wreath/garland deals though ;)
    Your card holder trees are my favorite!!

  2. looking good! I am very impressed with your $3 tree! It totally confused my 8 year old as he was reading over my shoulder. "What's that? It cost $3?! Is it....horrible?" lol. And great idea putting cards on the other trees :)

    1. hahah those were my thoughts when my mother told me she bought me a $3 tree!

  3. I love how colorful your Christmas tree is!

    1. thanks, I am usually a colored lights girl, but for 3 bucks...i could work with the white lights. just added some extra color other places :)

  4. OMG $3 for that huge tree is insane!! You guys ARE lucky ducks!! Your house is absolutely's decorated beautifully for Christmas! Hope you are feeling better doll!

  5. Your house looks beautiful and festive! I can't believe how cheap you got that tree for!!!! That is INSANE!

  6. Everything looks so great! I'm still 100% in love with that cabinet in your dining room.

  7. Beautiful!!! I can't believe you scored all that greenery for so cheap- nice!! I love your house btw- it's gorgeous!

  8. Your house is perfect! I can't even tell you what a deal you got on that greenery and wreaths. And they all look like new. I love that huge tree (HOW did you get it for so cheap? I'm green with envy.)

    And I love the idea of displaying cards in the alpine trees. Super smart and something I want to steal when I have space. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking to Dare to DIY!

  9. so pretty! i just love the front door and the wreath and the gorgeous exterior- pops beautifully in the snow!

  10. $3 tree???!!!! Seriously????? The wreaths are awesome too. :)


  11. Wow, those were some great deals. 10 ft AND pre lit. Score!!! Your home is wonderful!!Love your tree!

  12. No way! I'm so jealous of your awesome deals! I spent WAY more than $4 on my decor, let's not talk about how much more...

  13. Just catching up on all my reading! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. :)


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