Thursday, October 31, 2013

Updates and decor in the dining

If you've been around awhile you have seen my dining area and our DIY farmhouse table before. If you are new here. HI! Make yourself at home!

Our dining room is really just the other side of our large kitchen. We did not want a separate room, we opted for a more open feel. 
I have been slowly adding a few touches to make it feel more like a home, and less like we just moved in and are sticklers about putting holes in our walls…(fyi: We are still sticklers about holes in the walls..everything on the walls in this post are hung up with 3M strips, hah!)

In one corner, I have a small accent table I purchased online with some rewards points from Kmart. The table is new, but everyone thinks it's another one of my flea market antique finds! 
It currently holds my backup supply of vino. I styled the table with a few old books and a candle holder filled with all the wine corks we’ve corked since we’ve moved in. Don't do the math. If you did the math don’t judge me.  The candle and vase were some of the centerpieces at our wedding reception, so it’s secretly sentimental. 

I added a thrift shop find wine pairing guide above.

The other end of the room is my china cabinet I picked up for a cool $25 bucks at an estate auction a few years ago. It needs a little work, and I originally thought I would paint it. But right now I like it the way it is. Next summer I plan to give the insides a little makeover. Unless I find a different piece to put here. At $25 dollars, I think I've gotten my money's worth and wouldn't feel bad about replacing it with a larger, taller, more "me" piece.

It holds our stemware, bar ware, and a few vases and pretty pitchers.

My lantern collection sits on top. I wanted a little more height so opted to add an old military green file box under a couple. The candles in them are battery operated…shh. They look pretty at night. And when I decorate for the holidays I will stick some Christmas-y garland in there to add to the ambiance.
Lanterns are from Marshall's and Gordman's
Next to the china cabinet is one of the newest additions: 
old ceiling tiles as wall decor.
These old ceiling tiles were a flea market find with my mom a few weeks ago. We actually dug them out of a bin under a wet tarp. Rusty edges and all (it’s fine, I got a tetanus shot last year after I cut my arm on a crusty old mirror) I also took precaution and sprayed these heavily with a clear coat of flat paint. Just incase some of the leftover paint layers contain that yucky harmful lead stuff.
old ceiling tiles, sprayed with a clear clear coat, and displayed.

I covered my mismatched chairs with duck dining room seat covers I ordered from Surefit. They don't photograph as nice as they look in person.
I ordered them in the "Natural" color. I plan to spice them up a little this winter. (I have so many DIY plans…let’s see how fast I get these done!) I wanted a little more texture, and Adam has always hated the look of hodge podge chairs anyways so these seemed like an inexpensive and quick change. 

Scout finishing up a snack in the dining room...
And the best and newest part of the dining room... The rug! It is the Santa Ana Symphony Ikat rug from RugsUSA. I ordered it when they were having a 65% off sale Columbus day, it came the following week. I love it. It was originally $600 and I got it for under 200 bucks. I think that’s a great deal. It’s plush under my toes and I especially love the gold and maroon hues. All the colors are pretty true to the photos on their website. I'm super pleased with this purchase. 
I vacuumed it before we set it up, and it hasn't shed at all. Scout also approves. He likes to nap on the corner while we are in the kitchen cooking/chatting.

Adam on the other hand questioned why we need a rug under the dining table at all. I explained it is to anchor the room. Apparently that meant nothing to him by his

DIY Farmhouse bench on the new rug

DIY Farmhouse table & bench with Ikat Rug.
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sheers/drapes and also a way to hang them. The window is 10 feet wide darn it! 

See more about our DIY farmhouse table and bench.
See more of my kitchen here.
Paint color is Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold. (although not all the photos do the color justice)

*p.s. This is not a sponsored post by any means, I paid for everything in the room..I'm just labeling and linking back to items that I can for readers!*


  1. the rug and the china cabinet pull it all together. I love it.

  2. Love that rug! Gorgeous! I need a little table like that to make a makeshift bar for our dining area!

    1. :) i had some rewards points to use up and i am surprised with how much i love it. (and how un-kmarty it is!)

  3. I cannot get over my love for that table! And the rug is perfect in the was made for that room! :)

  4. Pretty!! I love the table and bench. And that cabinet for $25?!?! Awesome. ~Kelly @ Corner of Main

  5. Beautiful! I LOVE that rug, and love your lanterns!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  6. AS IF that cabinet was only $25. It would be at least $100 here, but likely closer to the $300 range.

    1. haha I know, it was a deal, I am ready to replace it with something a little more "me"...too bad you live too far away to come get it ;)

  7. Wowzers!! It all looks great! I forget. Did you get a couch?? My brain is completely farting.


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  9. oops! typo on the last comment! :) i LOVE your dining room! we are having a table build that is super similar and seeing yours makes me so glad we went with this style! you're home is beautiful!

  10. I really like the house and it is looking really great. Keep up the great work and just keep making it look better. I have been looking for villas Rochester mn. Does anyone know where I can find one? Hoping to find one soon.

  11. I loooovvvvveeeee the rug....and everything else for that matter :-) I think I have similar lanterns from Marshall's. I gotta say that Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall's are like heaven on earth!!!

  12. It's beautiful! All of it! Using ceiling tiles is a great idea.....

  13. your farmhouse table is gorgeous!! loving your new rug the colors etc work so well in your dining room & love all those windows!

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