Thursday, October 10, 2013

Easy DIY Embellished Pumpkin & Fall Vignette

Ooo la la.
Look at me being all fancy and using the word 'vignette' today. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that I know the true definition, but I feel like todays photos fit.
Fall vignette with embellished pumpkins and gourds.
I had a few bags of upholstery tacks leftover from craft night last week.
I also picked up a few mini pumpkins and gourds to sprinkle around the house to add some appropriate fall decor to the house. But, I can never leave anything alone and just let it be simple beauty. Gotta add some pizzaz!

This is what I came up with in about 10 minutes, tops.

Basically, I just shoved the tacks in a mini pumpkin in a cute pattern, then did the same with the gourd. Unfortunately, the gourd has a a shell under that skin, so it was a little tougher to shove each tack in, but, I made it work. I might have sworn a little at the gourd. Sorry gourd.
upholstery tacks. $1.25 at wal-mart.
The tacks did not go as far as I anticipated, 2 packs only did these two, but, they still looked cute mixed into my bowl. Plus, when the season is over I toss the pumpkins over the hill and hold on to the tacks to be reused.
I am seeing a Christmas-time upholstery tack project in this blog's future...

Our entry way now has a Fall time vignette!

I mixed them with a bowl of other pumpkin & gourd like things. Paired it with my Fall Y'all canvas from our craft night last week and added a large vase of dried favorite!
I snuck in a little teacup full of cranberry and cinnamon potpourri for good smells. Yum.

Our entry table:
An old sewing machine table that desperately needs a refinish but I can't bring myself to do. I just love how old and rustic it looks, scuffed up and all.

yes, you are imagining a ghostly white cord in the background of this. Sppooooky.
I love Fall.
PSSSSTTT! 2 posts in one day! Check out my Pumpkin Parade recipe post right here! Yum.

Some cute ladies in blogland are having a pumpkin parade! Linking up!
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  1. Super adorable...I love how you dressed the pumpkins up! :)

  2. My parents have that exact sewing table! Its awesome eh?
    Love your vignette and the Fall y'all sign. Adorable.

    1. Thanks Amy, I hope theirs is in a little better shape!

  3. these are so fun! i love the embellishments on the little mini pumpkin especially! :)

  4. Sometimes easy does it, and it looks great! Thanks for linking up the Pumpkin Parade

  5. Love that sewing table! And using the upholstery tacks is genius. Looks so cute.

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Awesome table...and great use of the word "vignette"! =D


  7. Cute! And I love that sewing machine table! Gorgeous!

  8. Upholstery tacks on pumpkins are totally awesome :) Love it

  9. What a cute idea! I totally think that qualifies as a vignette. :) haha.

  10. I need to get on the ball. It will be time to decorate for Christmas and I still haven't set out a pumpkin!! Love that you added tacks to the pumpkins. Such a cute idea!

  11. so cute! i can't wait for our place to be finished enough for me to decorate! :) thank God for pinterest!! :)

    1. i know, it's fun to start the decorating,....although we still have a WAYS to go!

  12. That sewing table is amazing...

    And the pumpkins are super cute! :)

  13. Those are really cute! And I love your entry table =)

  14. Oooo! Look how fancy you are! Love the little embellishments!

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