Friday, September 20, 2013

The Great Furniture Debate: IS OVER.

It happened. It finally happened. I walked into one of the local furniture stores..which I had visited only 800 times in the past 3 months. And what do you know…the (almost) perfect couch was sitting there right in front of me.

I tested it with a plop onto the couch. And the results were a win!
It was comfy...
It was oversized...
My extra tall husband could comfortably relax on this couch, with me on it too...
It wasn’t overly casual...
It had traditional arms...
Bonus: Bun feet and nailhead trim to match our fabulous chairs...
Double triple bonus: It was in our price range!

I have two of these beauties just waiting for a couch companion!
The only thing I didn’t love about it was the fabric on the showroom floor. Luckily for me, there were over 500 fabrics to choose from.

I asked about cushions and springs and everything in between and on top. I asked them no less than a dozen questions about each fabric, such as durability, wear over time…what happens when we spill a diet coke on it? Or Scout thinks no one is looking at jumps up to look out the window or play king of the castle....
Scout is king.
 Or just take a snooze...
Cat dog?
After all my questions were answered and fabric samples were brought home to compare, I decided on a color and fabric choice…(hint: not leather! Which is what I originally wanted!)  
Done. Now the waiting game. Special orders take approximately 4 weeks. Which now seems like forever to wait for my dreamy couch.

Swatch comparing...

There is the only photo I am sharing today. Now you know what the arms look like and what brand I chose. No more details or even final fabric choice pictures until it comes in. You get to wait the dreadful 4ish weeks with me. Cue evil laugh…*MUAHAHAHA*
But, that will give me time to shop for a few other things from the living room wish list!

Living Room Wish List:
Area rug: I’m thinking something with shag!
Coffee table: Maybe a craigslist or thrift shop one to redo, or maybe even a DIY build!
Extra-long buffet or dresser: to go behind the couch.

I doubt I will be able to get all of those things on my wish list in the next 4 weeks. But one of them would sure be nice!

Does your dog have catlike behaviors?
Do you stress over things like spilling diet cokes and couch surfing pets when you make big furniture purchases?


  1. Ike meows sometimes. I'm serious. And he totally sleeps on our couch cushions like a cat. Ethan Allen gets my seal of approval.

    Can't wait to see what you picked!

  2. I'm excited to see what you've picked! Four weeks kind of seems like torture, though.

  3. Our dog likes to get on the back of the couch, too. But she's not allowed on the couch unless invited (haha - we can all guess what happens behind my back). I'm excited to see the couch in the living room!

    1. Scout either but...we know is he a couch dog when we aren't looking!

  4. Our little dog has destroyed the back of our couch from napping up there. And you know what? I don't care!! Glad you finally found a couch you love. Hate you for not sharing more about it.


    1. Oh Eddie is so cute though, you can't be mad at him for just being a cute napper! Don't worry I promise to share when it gets here!

  5. I've always been a spontaneous impulse buyer when it comes to couches to a certain degree. One time was I was watching a movie with Patty Duke in it. The couch in their living room was so gorgeous. It was a red/green plaid (I know Christmas colors this was 20+ years ago when the tv movie came out) I loved that couch. I wanted that couch. I looked for that couch. I even bought a quilt to match that couch and hung it on my wall knowing someday I'd find my dream couch. Flashforward about five years and I'm on my lunch break from work and I drive past Turk Furniture and there in their window was a couch and loveseat in red/green/blue plaid. (It really was lovely, trust me.) I didn't have time to stop and check it out. I go back to the office, I call and ask the price. I ask them to move a little on the price, they did. I bought it over the phone. Sat unsat, touch untouch, but sight seen (from the road in my minivan). My sister came to my house the next day to wait for it to be delivered. I called her and my question was, "Does it match the quilt". It did! We loved that couch. Do I still have it? No. Because it didn't hold up and last. I didn't ask the questions that every couch buyer (like you) is supposed to ask. lol Can't wait to see yours! You did your homework and I frequently do not. :-)

  6. We too are searching for the perfect couch. Something that can stand up to cat and dog hair.
    I love the chairs and cannot wait to see the new couch!

  7. Aw man, what a tease! ;) Glad you found something you like though! Can't wait to see!!

  8. Yay, can't wait to see the whole thing! Love the nailhead detail!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  9. can't wait to see it! It took us a while to find the perfect couch too and it seems we found ours the exact same way you did yours! It was in the middle of a furniture showroom and it was like the heavens opened up, rays of light illuminated it and the angels were singing... it's true I love our couch that much. And our dog Ellie loves sitting on top to peer out the window too. silly girl.

  10. Soooooo exciting!!! My kitchen cabinets should be arriving about the same time!! Wooohhhhooooo, can't wait to see all your furniture together :-)

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