Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Story Time: Trina Appleseed.

Hi friends, today I am not sharing any house photos, or any projects, just a sweet story...

Picture it. Early 90's, Sicily* Spring Valley, Illinois:
*extra points if you get the TV show reference!
Kinda cute huh?
A little girl was enjoying a delicious green apple with her dad. She noticed a few seeds in the apples they were eating.

She asked: "Why can't we just plant the rest of this apple and see if a tree will grow?"
So they did, with that very apple core.
And, would you believe it, a tree grew...

Now that little girl is in her (late) 20's.
Dad & daughter on the day he finished our fireplace. 2012.
And this is the first year that very tree, sprouted apples.
Freshly picked apples from my thought up tree.
Kinda neat, huh?

Best apples. Ever.
We plan to plant a few of these on our property and see if we can get a second apple tree growing.

Did you plant anything when you were a little kid that is still growing? (I know ya'll brought home some of those Earth Day trees too! Mine died.)


  1. You're adorable. I hope your apples have many more apple tree babies!

  2. Awww...great story and super-cute picture! I was useless as a kid and never planted anything.

    I'm trying to remedy that as a semi-grownup. :P


    1. haha well actually my dad took care of it...i did not inherit his green thumb!

  3. Well, guess what! My daughter asked me the same thing this year, and I told her we could try. She planted only the seeds though - should we have done the whole core? I'm not sure she has the patience to wait 20 years :)

    1. You need to! I think we did the whole thing...but I was pretty little. I will ask my dad.

  4. That's so cool! When I was 5, my school gave everyone trees on Earth Day. We planted it at my grandparents house and it's huge now.

  5. Sweet story! My son planted a peach pit with his grandpa known as Tata. I don't think it's sprouted any peaches yet but where they planted it is not a good place and my mom has told my son, unfortunately, it has to come down. My son, who is an adult now, is very resistant to the idea. lol It's a sweet memory he has of him and his Tata, who is no longer with us.

    I bet those apples are the BEST. Super sweet way to start my day reading about them. :-) Thank you! ~ Stephanie aka Furniture Flippin'

  6. This is actually pretty cool. Normally apple trees aren't grown from seed-- cuttings from mature trees are just grafted onto other comparable species to grow "new" trees: in essence the majority of apple trees (and the fruit) are clones, but not yours! So not only is it a sweet story and memory, but your tree is also genetically unique :) which is very cool to a bio/agricultural nerd like me.


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