Thursday, September 5, 2013

FALL: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s Thursday…and I feel like I’m still recovering from Labor day weekend. I had 3 of my very best friends visit all weekend. We thrifted, shopped, gossiped,  chowed down on junk food--mostly pizza and various types of cheese, drank wine, crafted, laughed, danced in my living room, and barely slept. It was a great end to the summer.

And what’s almost as exciting, my very favorite season is almost here. Autumn.

The Good: It's (almost) here!
Who isn’t ready for boots, chunky sweaters, jeans, bonfires, and anything that has pumpkin in it? This week, I hauled my Fall decorations out of the basement and created this Fall-like mantel.

The vase/candle combo holds each wine cork that has been corked since we've moved in. Please don't count them...
The vase/candle combo was one of our wedding centerpieces. So it's nice to have a piece of that day at home.

The pumpkin was a thrifted find a few years back. It holds a tea light.

I used old books I picked up for a buck a box at a sale. Some of them are history books (Adam studied history in college) See what I did there?

I added my little Isabel Bloom lovebirds which was a gift from my Mom.

I actually received this adorable Fall bunting from a friend last year, but since this time last year we were pulling our hair out building this house, I didn’t get to display it…or blog about it. This year I can enjoy it. Thank you Morgan!

The Bad: Needs more decor
Athough I am happy with the mantel, I am really am disappointed with my Fall decor options I have. I need more pumpkins, bunting, anything autumn-like in my life. Time to hit up Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods I think.

Here is a full fireplace shot.

Fall Mantel...a start.
Also, please ignore our dirty fireplace...that's Adam's job. Plus it looks way prettier during the day with wood in it instead of candles in the winter.

The ugly: Ragweed
In other news, there is one thing I absolutely hate about Fall: allergy season. Anyone else hating their allergies right now? I have been miserable the past two weeks. I’m pretty sure I’m already at my limit for buying the Allergy pills with Sudafed that the State of Illinois legally allows. I will have to send Adam to the pharmacy for me starting next week.
Showers twice a day, and bed linen washing every other day. Still not helping.

I think the worse part is I am a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding this weekend--and I'm worried I will be an allergy mess the entire day!
Do you think the bride will care if I wear this?
Do you have your Fall decor out yet?
Who else wants to eat everything and anything pumpkin?
Any tips for this allergy sufferer?
Would you let me wear the allergy hat if I were in your wedding party?


  1. I think you haven't had nearly enough wine yet. Add more corks. And for the fall decor? I think I have a turkey and a pumpkin and that's it. My goal when we get settled in the new house is to become a better decorator. After all...what's the point of reading all these blogs if I put nothing into practice?

    Can't wait for jeans season. I love when I can stop shaving my legs.


  2. I'm anti-fall for a few more weeks. I need to cling onto Summer for as long as possible.

    Have you tried a saline rinse (like a neti-pot but better) for your allergies? It helps Nate and my brother a lot! It sounds gross but really isn't all that bad.

    1. Michelle, I just bought one of these terrifying things on my last walgreens trip. I used one a few years back and it worked. I'm going to try it tomorrow night!

  3. I am definitely over summer! I've started pulling out a few fall pieces, but nothing huge yet. The mantle looks great!

  4. ahh i love the bunting on your mantel! i have had the itch to start preparing for halloween and fall, but since we really don't have fall here, it's kind of depressing since it's my fave season. but your post really makes me more motivated to start crafting and decorating for the 'fall'....mmm i cannot wait for pumpkin everything!! i did a pumpkin heaven recipe last year, it is seriously the best blob-o-pumpkin goo you could ever put in your mouth.

  5. Beautiful mantel! I haven't done a single thing for fall yet. :)

  6. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)


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