Thursday, September 26, 2013

1/2 bath update and a feature!

Remember our DIY old washstand dresser I turned to ½ bath vanity? It was featured this week on Furniture Flippin’! How flippin exciting right?

The feature reminded me… I updated that bathroom a tad more since I last showed you. What kind of blogger am I, I do things..and forget to even show them off.

This is how the bathroom looked last time I shared...
Dresser to Vanity
Adam has been on me to hang things on the walls. Which I have a hard time doing since we paid so much $$$ to get these stinkin' walls smooth, and it took so much time! I have been extra picky and using Gabbi’s recommendation of using the 3M sticky strips whenever I can. It was time to get some art in that bathroom...

My balloons and the Illinois River...
our engagement spot.
Lover's Leap, Starved Rock State Park, Utica IL

I ordered a stack of vintage postcards from Starved Rock State Park from the 1950’s for about 7 bucks on the wonderful Ebay. Starved Rock State Park is special to us. It’s the spot where Adam asked me to be his wife with gobs of pink balloons. We also held our wedding reception there. It’s lovey dovey stuff without all the hearts and kissy photos in your face.
Starved Rock & Wildcat Canyon postcards. Starved Rock State Park, Utica IL.
 I purchased a few frames and some mattes at Hobby Lobby and up they went!
 And guess what, we took a chance and actually DRILLED HOLES for this! Yipes. But we love it.
baskets thrifted.  The one on the toilet still needs spray painted.
Super fake lavender plant is Ikea,
This one is Lover's Leap at Starved Rock. Our engagement spot.

It keeps with the vintagey feel of the room, but still has something with meaning to us. Plus, they were super inexpensive. The darn frames were more than the stack of postcards I bought. I suppose I could have scouted the thrift stores for truly vintage ones, but I wanted them to match, and I’m impatient sometimes most of the time.

Read about our DIY flea market dresser to bathroom vanity.
Bathroom paint color is Sherwin Williams Dormer Brown 7521

Have anything secretly lovey dovey hanging in your home?
Have you ever hiked Starved Rock State Park?

P.S. If you haven’t already checked out Furniture Flippin’ you should now. This girl flips her own stuff, and features everyone else’s flips too! She is too sweet and pretty darn funny too. SUPER BONUS: she is also from the Illinois Valley, just like me. So I double-triple-quadruple like her.


  1. Your bathroom is awesome. I totally want a fancy washstand turned vanity!!!

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  3. nice bathroom..i am looking for a helpful tips for i haven't yet decided for what would my bathroom look like..

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  4. I love art with sentimental meaning. Looks ah-mazing!

  5. I haven't tried that sticky stuff for hanging things on the walls yet. I'll end up with a bazillion holes in my new walls, I just know it. I'm in love with your bathroom. Will it marry me?


    1. It's already in a relationship with the Master bathroom. Sorry :(

  6. That vanity still blows my mind... love love

  7. Wow that vanity is amazing!! I love the idea of using postcards from a place that means so much to you! :)

    1. Thanks Erika, it was simple and inexpensive. we like that!

  8. The bathroom looks great, and congratulations on the feature! We got married under a bridge, and we have an artsy-fartsy photo of that bridge hanging in the living room.

  9. Several things...

    I love your bathroom.

    How clever are you with your "towel rod"?!

    Sentimental minus the in your face = so much win!

    Congrats on the feature!

  10. Beautiful piece and congrats on being featured!!

  11. Cute! I have been to Starved Rock, it was a long long time ago, but I remember it being pretty!
    Congrats on the feature, that piece is really cool!!

  12. Gorgeous! I love all of the pretty touches you've added. I'm inspired to tackle my master bath now.


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