Tuesday, August 6, 2013

life lately...

Posts have been light lately... here is why…

I’m a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in a month--her wedding activities have started (YAY!) so I’ve been busy planning, crafting, and traveling for her bachelorette and bridal shower.

The weather has been ab-so-lutely beautiful the past 2 weeks. I’ve been taking full advantage and spending my evenings outside relaxing or riding my bike. I think I’m more of a winter blogger since I spend more time snuggled up in front of our fireplace…

Basically, I’ve been living life without blogging about it… bad blogger. But, I have taken a few photos along the way. And what is a blog post without some photos to keep everyone entertained?!

A photo recap of my last two weekends:

Nothing says summer like a lemon shakeup! Too bad I had to wear a sweatshirt in July!
At the Lake Depue Boat Races

 And a blurry beer garden photo..

or two...
Lauren and I
 More ingredients to make this recipe
picking peaches from dad's peach tree...
Back deck lounging...
And attending the best summer concert ever VIP style...
Sister being a Bret groupie
 malibu bucket of loveee


Freaking out about being on Bret Michael's tour bus!
Meeting this rock star...on his tour bus. 
And now for a few classier photos..
Lauren's beautiful shower setup. (and her dad photobombing)
 The blushing bride and her favorite bridesmaid (me)
I promise I am not a giant, we are the same height...
I 'm just wearing heels! (see above photo from beer garden!)

There is good stuff posting soon so stick around!
Coming up:
  • DIYs (home & friends’ weddings!)
  • House tour continues
  • Recipes
  • Outside updates

P.S. If you don’t follow me on instragram you should! @trinaniem
Have you been enjoying the nice weather the past 2 weeks?
Does life get in the way of your blogging sometimes?


  1. Heck yeah...life! Glad you're having a great time doing stuff. I'm totally wearing a sweatshirt right now. Of course, I'm in the friggin basement...which is always cold... :P


    1. well i can see that but in the end of july in IL, at a festival it was strange!

  2. Is Bret that fine in real life? I mean...how lucky were you guys!

  3. Does life get in the way of blogging? All the darn time. But when You're outside enjoying the beautiful weather or having fun with friends and family it doesn't seem like a bad compromise ;)

  4. So awesome to be on his tour bus!
    And it looks like so many yummy drinks were enjoyed!

  5. Life totally gets in the way of blogging! All the time! That's why I started doing weekend recaps on Mondays for the summer!

    Looks like you're having a blast though! We'll be here when you get back! :)

  6. This happens to me all the time!! ahhh I'm jealous you were backstage!! oh and lemon shakeups are a must in the summer!! :)

    1. it was super fun being VIP for the night. Especially when we got to meet bret!

  7. That's so cool Bret Micheal's!! I loved his VH1 show (hanging my head in shame) lol :) & Him on Celebrity Apprentice :) looks like your having a fun summer! :)

  8. What the what the!!!! Just don't say you'll never wash that side of your body again.


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