Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The great furniture debate: update!

We have been on the search for months for new living room furniture. I explained in this post what we were looking for, although at that time I was still trying to decide if we were going matchy matchy or mixing it up.

We decided to go wild and mix it up with a leather couch, and two chairs maybe in a print fabric instead of matching leather. 

Adam and I took the hour drive to St. Louis area to do some shopping on a Saturday morning.
The first store we went to, we saw the couch we wanted almost immediately. It was the perfect color of dark brown leather. It had nail head trim. It had the turned traditional arms we both loved. The couch was huge. It was a foot longer than our current couch and oversized, but not at all poofy. It also had the “lodge” look we both wanted for our living room.
It was comfy. Adam thought maybe a little too comfy. But we loved it, and too comfy is way better than not comfy enough. And best of all it was a really amazing price. We bought it and set up the delivery.
We couldn’t believe it, the very first store, we found the couch we both loved! 

Now to find the perfect chairs to complete the room...
The first store where we had found the couch of our dreams had none that I really loved.  We headed out to the greater St Louis area and shopped for 6 hours, all for accent chairs. We were all over the place, hit every store we could think of or google. Some were too much money. Or too bulky, or Adam hated the ones I liked and vice versa.

I will tell you a little secret about my husband: Adam is not a good shopper in the first place. 6 hours shopping for the perfect accent chairs was not his favorite way to spend a Saturday.

I tricked him into thinking it was a fun filled day with a stop at our favorite brewery Schlafly for lunch and a beer. Then it was back to business!

Just when we were ready to give up and consider purchasing chairs online instead, we came across another branch of the same store where we had bought the couch that morning. So we figured we’d stop in and see if we missed anything (it was a big store!) 
And sure enough, on display were the chairs of Adam’s dreams. I liked them, Adam loved them. He took it off the display and pushed it over to the couch we had just purchased.

OK he was right, it did look good. Same turned arms, nailhead trim. Different fabric and style, but still looked great together. I sat down, they were formal-ish, but comfy.  They were not what I thought I wanted, but I love loved the way they looked next to the big dark leather couch. And knew they would look even better in the living room up against our stone and woodwork.
Sold. We took 2 home with us. Excited that the couch would be delivered in a week or so and we would have a gorgeous new living room!

Or so we thought, the day before sofa delivery we got a call with some bad news.
Bad news: our couch was not being manufactured anymore. 
Worse news: the only ones left were damaged. 
Would we like to come back to the store and pick out a different couch?

Well, needless to say, I threw a mini tantrum then called for my refund. 

Now don't forget...we already brought home the chairs we had found to go perfectly with the couch that was no longer available!
Well, we thought about it, and still loved the chairs enough to keep them. We figured that every couch we liked had the same style, color scheme, and shape. So the chairs would most likely go great with any couch we decide on.

End of story: back to the couch drawing board. But we do have 2 really gorgeous chairs in our living room just waiting for a big beautiful couch to come home to them! I will keep you updated on our couch saga!

Are you surprised by our chair choice as much as I am?
Is your spouse a good shopper?


  1. My husband is a terrible shopper. Sometimes he flukes and finds something amazing but for the most part his opinion is "I don't care, as long as you like it." Or everything is "meh." *so* helpful.

    I think you'll have no problem finding a similar couch, the lines/nailhead trim is fairly ubiquitous and I've even seen a few that are very similar and we live in a furniture/interior design wasteland.

    Please tell me the chairs are as comfy as they look, love the pintuck detailing on the seat backs.

    1. Martina they are so comfy! I was surprised, really. I am not extremely worried about finding a matching couch to the chairs, just worried about one living up to this one!

  2. what. the. eff? I'd be so mad too! But your chairs are AMAZING so I'm sure you can find another gorg nailhead trim sofa that will compliment them beautifully. Have a happy 4th girl!

  3. Aw such a bummer about the couch!! Those chairs are gorgeous!! You'll definitely find another couch that works ;)
    And no... my spouse is a terrible shopper, I feel your pain!!

  4. aaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! Okay, I'm screaming inside my head for you. I thought that kind of BS only happened to me!!! Love the chairs BTW.

    Maybe you can take the nailheads from the damaged sofas that are still available and poke them into the manufacturer's nostrils.

    I know that would make ME feel better.

  5. My spouse tolerates shopping for the most part. Like, he'll never just say "hey let's spend our Saturday shopping!" But he indulges.

    Can I just say I'm heartbroken about the couch? It was a great couch. :( But so are the chairs and you'll find something awesome!

    1. I really can't see D spending a Saturday shopping either!

  6. A full day of furniture shopping? My husband would be O.U.T. (I think. I've never tried it.) What a champ. Did you guys visit GoodWorks in the Loop? They have a discount store too that's only open certain days. Love the barrel chairs. Cheers - CT

    1. I have never even heard of it!! darn it. next trip i will check it out!

  7. How can a couch be TOO comfy!?

  8. Mike and I don't shop very well together, haha. Even though we have a crap load of wedding gift cards, he doesn't want to spend them. I WANT A NEW COUCH. I also want those chairs.

  9. Oh no!!! That sucks!!

    And my husband is a terrible shopper. He gets burnt out if we go shopping for more than an hour. IKEA is his worst nightmare, so I couldn't imagine a 6 hr. day! Wow!

    1. I don't know if I would dare take Adam to Ikea...although he might be cool hanging in the food court.

  10. Bummer on the couch! WHY does this happen?! But I really, really LOVE the chairs you got!

  11. ooo! i love your idea to mix patterns! so cozy!


    1. I think it's going to work out...whenever we finally get a couch!

  12. Something similar happened to me with bar stools. Somehow the store clerk didn't get the memo they were no longer manufactured. We ended up with three mis-matched; not the same style or color, but we like them anyway. So sorry about your couch. That sure looked like a nice one. Hope you find something else soon.

    Ornery is a much better shopper than I am. NOT that he loves it, mind you, but he certainly outlasts me on any given outing!

  13. WHAT?! I would be so mad! At least those chairs are HEAVENLY so it wasn't a total bust!

  14. I will wear black and mourn that couch. How sad! The right one will come along. I just know it.

    I am, however, drooling over those chairs. I'm sure that helps things. ;)

    1. thanks michelle, adam is still taking all the credit for the chairs :)

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  19. Can I take Adam shopping with me? Just to make a decision. My husband and I went couch hunting last year Memorial Day, bought a couch. I called and canceled it the next day. Now a year has gone by and I am back to the search. One of my sons doesn't get what my problem with buying one is, and honestly I'm starting to wonder too!



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