Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime at Bishop Creek

It's finally summer. We got our first power bill of of running our AC with our snazzy geothermal unit. It was only $111, HOLLA! That is a deal for our house and how large and open it is. We keep the temp at 72 degrees. Which to me is kinda cold. I am wearing a sweatshirt as I type this...
To Adam-bear it is still too warm.. To Scouty-bear it is just right.
(read more about the geothermal in our home here)

Maybe this is more of a winter thing. But I got a belated birthday gift last weekend. A Fiesta Crock. Or as some call it a dutch oven.
But it seems when I call it a dutch oven in this house, I get snickers and lols from the husband. Dutch oven or crock...I love it. I plan to use it all summer. Send your crock recipes my way!

Doesn't it looks like the angel of all fiesta in this photo??

Summertime also means summer beer to me. This summer's beverage of choice in this house is from Schlafly Brewery.

It's semi local as it's brewed in St. Louis, an hour away. It's delicious. I like to have one after work on the deck. I have not lost my love for wine, do not worry. Sometimes a girl just wants a delicious beer.
We stopped at the brewery this weekend for a lunchbreak while furniture shopping. I think we both needed a beer too.

Furniture shopping was not as fun as we thought it would be. I will share more details about the shopping trip later.
We did make some purchases and we will be having a delivery this week! Details to come!

Does it finally feel like summer to you?
Who else loves dutch ovens crocks?


  1. That crock is gorg!

  2. Beautiful crock! I love the Fiesta line...the colors are so fun!

  3. Two stone :)
    This does sound yummy though. I like your new crock oven/ Dutch pot

  4. You're going to LOOOVE having that dutch oven. *snicker* I just got mine at thanksgiving and use it alllll the time!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  5. It still makes my household laugh too!
    I don't have one though... I have the old electric crock pot style. I use it for pulled pork and chili!

  6. Jealous of your crock colour (mine is red how boring!) and also jealous of your AC bill. if we installed AC here we'd be hemorrhaging money (even though its not that hot).

    I love tossing a roast in with carrots, onion + baby potatoes and just letting it simmer away. I also love pork chops + apples + onion + carrots done in the crock pot. Both super simple and super tender delicious. Spice to taste and/or marinade (red wine for beef roast, a white for the pork- I like chardonnay).

  7. If this is what custom home builders in Utah have to look forward to, than I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to build our home here in a few years! Fantastic blog, I love it.

  8. I don't have a dutch crock pot thingy, but I gave one to my sister-in-law for her birthday once!
    It is finally feeling like summer here, but it's been really!

  9. I didn't understand the Dutch Oven thing for a long time. Nate and my brother would make constant jokes. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    Your cooking apparatus is very pretty. Totally jealous.

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