Friday, May 17, 2013

Just in case you aren't sure what to buy me... Summer wants..

My birthday is coming up real quick. And although birthdays are not as exciting and party-girl as they used to be...I am looking forward to the 28th year and all it will bring.

If you have been scouring the internet and the shopping malls trying to decide what to buy me, worry no more...

1. Sperrys. I just love a boat shoe, they are so darn cute. A little pricey, but I hear they are super comfy.
I wear a size 7.5...

2. A cute cookbook a.k.a ipad holder for all the baking and cooking I plan to do as a 28-year-old.


3. Give me a dutch oven.
Ok go ahead, giggle just like my sister does when I say it. But I want one! Think of all the delish foods I can make in this. And is Fiesta brand to match my dishes!


4. IPhone
You Guys. I have the Iphone already... But it is the Iphone 3GS! Do they even make that anymore?
I've had it for over 3 years. I think that is pretty dang good run for a phone, especially an iphone! Plus, my power button and my volume button both fell off last month!

5. Pots
I am getting old and I just want to plant stuff. I like these from the HD. I want a few large planters for the back deck with some pretty flowers.
6.  Patio furniture. We really want patio furniture & of course I have expensive taste and like the sectionals the best. So, we have been watching for sales...but I will take this as a birthday gift if anyone wants to be super generous...
(*cough* husband *cough*)

From Target

7.  LUSH products
I love the Dream Cream and my tub is almost empty!
Lush source

Do you have a birthday coming up? What is on your list? I might want to add it to mine! :)
What are you doing all weekend? Happy Friday!


  1. I love this list! I just got some Sperrys and they are SUPER comfy. My phone is through work, and they actually just upgraded me to a 5 yesterday, but poor D is still rocking the 3GS and totally feels your pain. :( It's time. And now I want an ipad holder and some cute pots!! This was a dangerous post.....

  2. That sectional is sweeeeeeet! How about a "happy birthday" and a virtual High Five?? I can't afford to buy you or me or anyone for that matter a darn thing right now. :( you know how it is building a house! :)

  3. I totally need that ipad holder! Happy birthday!
    Kelly @ View ALong the Way

  4. These are all great birthday ideas! I want that sectional too, it looks comfy! ;)

  5. You're a bad influence because I also want all of these things. Especially the Sperry's. I hope you get them and write a review so I know if they are worth the cash. :)

  6. I am a size 9.5, k?
    I just updated my iphone 3GS to the Samsung Galaxy IIIS. It's pretty great. I hope you get everything!

  7. Sperrys! They are so beautiful. I'm glad those are at the top of your list! I'm with Michelle, I would love to read a review. Maybe on Work Your Wardrobe? Ps. Stopping by from Work Your Wardrobe!


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