Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashionably Late: Planting Succulents

Just like Gabbi @ RetroRanchReno, I am late to the succulent planting party. I’d just like to think I am fashionably late! 
I picked up a few itty bitty succulents when I visited the gorgeous Hornbaker’s Gardens in Princeton, IL with my momma this past weekend. We need a little bit of green added in our home.
Itty bitty succulents
Blogger confession time: I did not get my dad's green thumb, so I have to resort to fake houseplants. Wait--- I did used to have an Ikea bamboo plant. Until one night a friend snacked on it in the wee hours of a keg party we hosted—then urged me to Google “is bamboo poisonous to humans?". He lived. The plant did not.
But succulents only require a minimum amount of care. Just a spritz spritz here and a spritz spritz there once or twice a week.  That, I can handle. I think.
I showed the plants to Adam and explained that this time, these plants would live--pending anymore keg parties. Adam kindly picked up a bag of potting soil on his trip to Menards.

I started out with these 2 blue cream & sugar cups my cousin Jill thrifted for me. I also grabbed piece of milk glass out of my china cabinet.

First, I put a handful of gravel rocks from our driveway at the bottom of each one.

And then just repotted the succulents; adding potting soil.

But, being a plant potting novice, I misjudged the amount of room in the containers I would have for planting. So I marched down to the basement to look through a crap load of boxes that still need to be unpacked for something that could hold my itty bitty succulents. I found this old Prince Albert can that came from a pick my parents’ house.

On this one I added a special touch of some artificial moss and a little baby deer I snagged at Hornbaker’s for 99 cents. It just adds to the cute factor.

Now they all have new homes in different parts of the house.
On the mantel next to Great Aunt Katie's pitcher.

 Let's hope I can keep these succulent babies alive!

What kind of planters do you have your house plants in? 
Do you have a green thumb? What tips do you have for me!?


  1. If you are fashionably late then I'm way past the expiration date on the succulent bandwagon. I love succulents too, but I have yet to purchase my own and make cute little decorations out of them. I do have one jade plant a very good friend gave me and I haven't killed it yet. Probably the easiest plant I've come across to maintain and make cuttings from is a Pothos. (Same) friend gave me one years ago and I've made so many new plants off it I now have exactly 364,892 plants in my house. Kidding.

  2. So cute. I still want to do this! I will be even later to the party =( I actually almost bought a vintage tin today at the thrift store thinking I could plant something in it; love that idea!

  3. Love the planters you used! I've been meaning to get some succulents for our house.

  4. Totally just fashionably late! ;) I love your plants...so cute!!

  5. I really want to do the succulent thing. I think I'm the last person alive who hasn't..? Love how yours look!

  6. I admit that I have a black thumb as well! I can't even keep a cactus alive. It's truly sad. Succulents may be my only friend...


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