Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream Kitchen! With Electrolux Suite Design

One of the most exciting and important parts of planning and building our home was designing the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the home when we have friends over, each evening after work, and surely on weekends. We are cooking in it, cleaning in it, or just hanging out in our kitchen. We spend a lot of time there. It was important for us to have a pretty, yet functional kitchen. Appliances play a huge role in this!

One of the newest and I think smartest trends these days is the built-in look. It gives your home a custom look and is easy to do. Electrolux offers a collection of counter-depth refrigerators designed to achieve that look. This is an option we wanted with our kitchen design. The built-in look of appliances makes our layout more appealing and adds room and easy access.

The key to creating a stylish yet functional kitchen is embracing the art of “Suite Design,” selecting beautiful appliances that complement one another and your kitchen – for example the Electrolux matching suites of appliances. They are sleek & stylish yet functional. And oh, so pretty.

Take a look at this gorgeous kitchen below from Electrolux suite design that I pinned from the Electrolux Pinterest board.
What a beautiful kitchen and who wouldn’t want a built in fridge specifically for the vino? Why didn’t we think of that? Darn.

We are currently shopping for one appliance in particular for our home….a new dishwasher. Electrolux seems to be an easy choice. Electrolux Dishwashers feature adjustable, customizable racks that can fit more than 180 items in a single load. With a sleek style and great features—Electrolux suite design dishwasher should be the clear winner! 180 items in a single load? That is almost my entire set of Fiesta dishes! Woohoo!

If you are in the market for new kitchen appliances, please check out the gorgeous Electrolux Suite Designs. I know you will find something you love. Hop over to their Pinterest board or like Electrolux on Facebook too for some more appliance pretties.
Believe me-- there will be plenty of appliance inspiration and ideas for you if you are ready to remodel, redo, or even build a brand new kitchen just like we did!

Are you planning a kitchen remodel or design? What is on your list?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. My brother has a little wine fridge built into their it!
    We just recently replaced our range, dishwasher, and fridge, but I would love a new SS hood =)

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