Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yep, this is a rusty old bed spring tied to the back of the 4-wheeler. Let's say it together, ready? Hillbilly!

We are country folk now. This is how we country folk down here in southern Illinois grade the dirt and get it ready for the next step that is grass! Woohoo!
We picked up the bed springs for 1 whole dollar at an auction this past weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw some of the pretties at the auction. This bed spring was a sweet surprise... Let me tell you. Best dollar we ever spent..at an auction. Also you should have seen us strapping it to the top of the car!!

Under this strategically spread out bale of straw, lies (hopefully) little bits of plush light green grass. This is our test spot out front. 
Since our dirt is more claylike than dirt like, we spread lime first. Lime from like, the garden department, not lime from the fruit and veggie aisle! 

If the grass doesn't grow nice and thick we will have to try something else...like maybe stinky fertilizer. We will see.

Any grass growing tips? 
Any readers #countryfolk like us?
Don't worry, later this week I will share the real goodies from Sunday's auction. Really good stuff!


  1. The straw is a great idea. I'm a suburbs girl but may need to get some hay to get our grass to grow!

  2. This is totally something we do here in NC too. My hubby always says "if you can't get grass to grow, throw some birdseed out. That crap will grow anywhere, especially where you don't want it to grow."

    Good luck with your new baby grass, I hope it grows like weeds. :)

  3. I still think your idea is brilliant!!! And fingers crossed your grass grows!! :)

  4. I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm going to have to ask to which kind of grass you refer...?

  5. Haha! What a great idea! Good luck with the grass!

  6. I just received the following advice regarding a magic recipe for grass to grow!
    Buy peat and soak it in water in a wheelbarrow... it takes a while for the peat to absorb the water but make sure its REALLY wet. Then, add your grass seed to the peat/water mixture and make sure its REALLy wet. Then either dump it on the lawn and rake it around or grab clumps of it to spread around. Apparently it works really well and grass will grow! I am planning on attempting it this weekend or the next and will post about it! Good luck!!

  7. I wish we knew how to grow some grass! We are going to be laying sod in our front yard soon...

  8. I don't find this weird at all. Fellow hick.

    I recommend chemicals to make the yard grow. Totally goes against all hippie blogger beliefs.

  9. We had to move before we ever got around to growing any grass. I am useless. BUT! The old bed thing is definitely something you'd find D doing. Love it. :)

  10. hahaha! I love it!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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