Friday, April 19, 2013

"The Getaway" drink recipe

Who would like to go on a getaway? How about a trip to an island? White sand beach, clear ocean water, waiters bringing you delicious drinks, toes in the sand.

Well me. I want to go! All this "April showers" business makes me wish for a vacation...or summertime to at least get here quick!

If you are craving one of those delicious drinks I have just the one for you.  The Getaway: for when you are stuck at home even though you need to get away!

The Getaway
Coconut Water
Pineapple Juice
Frozen Peaches
Flavored Rum (my preference is Whipped by Coconut Jack $9.99!)

One Drink:
Use equal parts of each. A shot of rum, a shot of coconut water, and a shot of pineapple juice. Then add 5 or 6 frozen peach slices to the mix. NO ice!

How about an action shot?
That's right! The magic bullet in action.

I just had to blend for about 20 seconds. When you are done it will look like this. If you like it less chunky blend more. Since the peaches are frozen you don't need any ice!

Pour into a fancy glass and get your self a straw to sip from.

You really should try makes it a tad easier to be in the midwest on a rainy April evening instead of a beach!


What is your favorite "getaway" drink?
Any big getaways planned soon? I have a small getaway out of town this weekend to visit some of my besties! So excited!


  1. Sounds like a perfect summa time drink for the lake. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is perfect for the current gloom and doom of the midwest! Sounds tasty. Happy week-end!

  3. mmmmm...noms! Did any of your friends by the river get flooded? I'm seriously loving that countertop...Cambria, right? What "flavor" is it? Did you get a chance to check out my house plan? Want me to stop asking questions now? :)


  4. Sounds delicious!

  5. I love my magic bullet! I have a frozen fruit smoothie every morning, and I have to say it's pretty tempting to just go ahead and add some vodka...

  6. Yummers!! We're having a grill out this weekend and I am going to get the ingredients to make this drink! Thanks!

  7. Ok. YUM. I love my magic bullet too! I just recently got it at Costco, and I have yet to make a yummy drink like this in it! Thanks for sharing =)

  8. Oh my gosh this sounds delicious! I'll take two!

  9. That is delicious! I will try this one but I'm not sure if what kind of glass I would use. I wonder if I can add apples instead of peach.

    glass coaster


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