Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This post will probably lack much excitement as they are mostly photos of pushing mud around but...I am documenting the build so here it is!

Basically we have to backfill before we can plant the much wanted grass. The backfilling evens out the yard and typically puts the nice soil on top. Typically the dirt from the basement dig is used for the backfill. Unfortunately for us...we do not have any good soil--we have clay-like soil.
So we will most likely have to bring some in, or bring in fertilizer to create soil. PEEEYOOO.

Our friend Matt helped us with the backfilling. He works for food and beer. We like that.

 Scout helped too. He also works for food.

Although, Scout is mostly playing in the mud here and not working...

 And here I just told Scout it was bathtime...

 Considering another run through the creek...

The boys worked very hard and finally enjoyed a few brews afterwards on the deck. Thanks for your help Matt!

Also, we are getting our pillars installed this week finally..woohoo! The house will look less redneck.


  1. Our soil is clay like too and growing nice grass is a pain in the neck. Before we decided to move, we had considered ripping it all up and leveling it out. But now that we're not staying we're not bothering.

    Your place is amazing already and it's going to be even better with grass!

  2. Lucky dog gets both a creek AND a bunch of mud to play in. It's so funny that they know the word "bath." My dog puts her ears down and tucks her tail even if I ask her in my nicest voice - hahaha!

  3. You guys will have a gorgeous yard before you know it! Most of ours is sand, soooo yeah no grass for us. :(

  4. Hi there Trina...I found you through Buffalo-Roam, and I'm your newest follower! I was so excited to find your blog since I'm starting the whole building process this month! I LOVE seeing the progress! (Yes, I realize I'm a little late to your game, but I'm looking forward to catching up on your old posts to see how your experiences went.) I also started my blog with the intent to document building our new home. I've gotten sucked into some other projects along the way, but we should be fast and furious on the new house pretty soon now. We also have a 4-legged furry friend who is an integral part of our family. :) Anyway, if you get a minute, you can check out our house plan!



  5. I totally need to rent one of those bobcats.


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