Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Simple Patio Table Details

I promised you the plans to our DIY patio table this week...

But I lied. You are not getting them today. Turns out, Google SketchUp takes some time and patience. And I have neither lately. 

Plus, I have been putting in some extra hours at my real life job this week. (It is month end gahhh!) So really, all I want to do is come home and have a big glass of wine after work. So sorry. No plans, just details for now.
I will probably finish the plans up and post them at a later date. 

Honestly, it was a pretty simple build.  If you are even a little handy you can probably look through these photos and figure it out...we just made most of it up as we went along.
Took less than 2 hours, and $60 bucks---including the stain! 

Materials used
Seven salt treated 2x6's
Four salt treated 4x4's
One salt treated 2x4
Thompson's deck and patio stain in "banjo brown"

Total cost: $58.00

This is the making it up part happening right telling him what I do and don't like and Adam telling me if it is really even possible...most of my ideas were apparently redic. I do understand furniture building.

and now some measuring before the cutting..

 Here we (FIY: when I say "we" in the this post it really means Adam)  sort of made a frame around the bottom of the table top. This would give the table a much smoother look... dress it up a tad.

Adam cut up a 2x4 and fastened them to the underside of the table top. This will secure the boards so they won't shift later with any weather conditions. Although they are salt treated for all never know.

 Now the legs!

you can see he secured the legs by cutting up more of the 2x4. Just to stabilize them a bit.

After 2 long hours of hard labor...the build is finished and time to test it out with a brew.
Scout is considering making it his new cave.

 And finished up with the stain. Which took about 20 minutes. One coat ONLY with this stuff.

Do you plan to build something for your patio? I think I want a matching bench…what do you think?
Is your office/work super busy at month end too?
Big Easter plans? We have a treasure hunt happening at my parents’ house. More on that later..


  1. Still can't get over how much I love this table. It's fan-freakin'-tastic!!

  2. You guys are smarty-pants! I hope work lets up for you the meantime, enjoy your wine :)

    1. Oh dont worry. I am always enjoying my wine when I get the chance!

  3. I love the idea of a bench! And the treasure hunt. That sounds fun. It's a good thing I don't live close or you might have had an extra participant ;).

  4. Love the table! We need to build another one for our patio!

  5. Nice! That actually sounds kinda do-able, and I LOVE how it looks!

  6. Looks like it passed the brew test! :) Love it! Hope you had a great Easter! Are you in Accounting/Finance? I'm in month end right now too. gaahh!

  7. I know you've already heard me say this, but - LOVE!!!

  8. Andy thinks most of my ideas are crazy too...then I try to explain "I saw it on Pintrest" and he's all "whatever woman". Glad you guys are getting to enjoy the new table. Looks great :)

  9. Hi, I love this project. Did you have to do any sanding?

  10. Well done, nice choice of material, it's perfectly suited with your patio deck, I will look forwards for your diy bench, I hope you'll use the same material.

  11. can i as how you attached the legs? big long screws??

  12. can i as how you attached the legs? big long screws??

  13. What is the difference between "Salted Treated" and "Pressure Treated?" I can't find salt treated.

    1. nothing it's the same. Menards just calls their pressure treated "salt treated".

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