Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painted Upholstery: Pinterest Challenge

Today I am participating in the Pinterest Challenge! I decided to take one of my pins from Hyphen Interiors and try her tutorial on painted upholstery!

From mellow yellow to burnt orange!

I had this old chair that I actually only paid $5 bucks for. And I love it, but the bright yellow and green just was not doing it for me. I figured I would have it reupholstered sometime. When I saw this tutorial from Hyphen Interiors I figured why not??
And the Pinterest Challenge was what I needed to get my butt in gear!

What I used
1 8 oz bottle of Textile Medium
3 2 oz bottles of acrylic paint; burnt sienna
painters tape
paint brushes
spray bottle filled with water

What I Mixed
1 part paint
1 part water
2 parts textile medium

How I did it
1. tape off parts of chair you don't feel like scraping paint off later
2. spritz entire chair with water. Like a lot
3. paint on paint, water, and textile medium mixture
4. let dry for two hours (watch a few episodes of Boy Meets World)
5. repeat step 3, let dry for the night
6. repeat step 3 again
7. touch up spots after 24 hours
8. Enjoy your new chair

Spritzing spritzing spritzingggg

after the first coat. you could see some yellow poking through still
Side Note: You may panic a tad after the first coat. Because it will look terrible. Like, really bad. But just keep going!!

Really, it was a pretty simple project. It just took about 20 minutes per coat.
The fabric is not really rough, but it wasn't the softest fabric when I started either. I would say it isn't going to be my best project ever. But it did the job!

It gives the chair the rugged, warmer look. It most likely will not stay this way forever. It isn't perfect at all, there are a few spots that are not perfect...I still would like to have it reupholstered someday.

It's hard to get a decent photo of it with my lack of fancy camera skills, but in person, you don't notice the imperfections unless you are looking for them. And it blends in nicely with the colors in our home now.

Chair: $5
Textile Medium $8
Acrylic paint 3x 79 cents = $2.37
Total cost: $15.37 including the chair!

I think for 15 bucks I can live with it not being perfect for now!

Linking up to Decor and the Dog,  Young House Love, The Remodeled Life, and Bower Power!!
Thanks for the kick in the butt to get it done ladies!

For more details on how to paint upholstery check out Hyphen Interiors for her projects, she has lot's of details, Q&A's and photos!! 

Have you every painted upholstery?
Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge? Leave me a link, I'd love to see!
Do you also watch Boy Meets World or other 90's shows in between crafting?


  1. Yours turned out so great. I tried to do this and failed miserably. "The Painted Chair" is a continuous joke around our house.

    I really like the orange. Good work blog buddy!

    1. i thought it would be a fail when the first coat was PINK before it dried...luckily it turned out ok! ps thanks for hosting :)

  2. Hey that's great! I haven't tried painting fabrics yet, but totally intend to. Good job!

  3. Looks great - the texture in the fabric really adds to the overall look. It is a pretty chair! How smelly is the medium?

    1. it wasn't toooo smelly. Or, I just got used to it after awhile!!

  4. I love this Trina, and the price for the whole sha-bang is pretty sweet too! It has that rustic feel now. :)

  5. Way to go! It looks awesome! I love the colors you chose! I painted a chair a few months ago and was surprised by how well it turned out!

  6. It looks amazing! I'm always afraid to try this even though yours looks awesome and of course Kristy's is famous. :) well done!

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